All Winners

The Amazing Maurice and his Educated Rodents
The Ghost of Thomas Kempe
Here Lies Arthur
The Little White Horse
Monsters of Men
Flour Babies
A Valley Grows Up
The Turbulent Term of Tyke Tiler
When Jessie Came Across the Sea
The Graveyard Book
His Dark Materials: Book 1 Northern Lights
Harry & Hopper
Tom's Midnight Garden
Collected Stories for Children
The Lark on the Wing
Postcards from No Man's Land
A Monster Calls
Shakespeare's Theatre
Harris Finds His Feet
Mr Gumpy's Outing
I Will Not Ever Never Eat a Tomato
Sea Change
The Last Battle
Shackleton's Journey
Jonathan Swift's
The Whales' Song
Dear Nobody
Pumpkin Soup
Knight Crusader
The Scarecrows
Sleeping Beauty & Other Favourite Fairy Tales
The Other Side of Truth
The Highwayman
The Three Poor Tailors
The Dragon of an Ordinary Family
The Circus is Coming
The Kingdom under the Sea
Thunder and Lightnings
The Machine Gunners
The Making of Man
Watership Down
A Bundle of Ballads
Hiawatha's Childhood
Stone Cold
War Boy: a Country Childhood
Horses in Battle
A Gathering Light
Alice's Adventures in Wonderland
The Little Bookroom
Little Mouse's Big Book of Fears
Black Ships Before Troy
The Ghost Drum
The Moon in the Cloud
Charlotte and the Golden Canary
The God Beneath the Sea
Dictionary of Chivalry
Sir Gawain and the Loathly Lady
Ella's Big Chance
The Family from One End Street
Old Winkle and the Seagulls
The Haunting
Granny was a Buffer Girl
Pigeon Post
Visitors from London
We Couldn't Leave Dinah
A Stranger at Green Knowe
A Grass Rope
Mr Magnolia
The Bunker Diary
Whispers in the Graveyard
Tim All Alone
Buffalo Soldier
The Borrowers
Each Peach Pear Plum
The Woolpack
Maggot Moon
The Stronghold
Mrs Cockle's Cat
A Monster Calls
Ruby Holler
The Post Office Cat
The Baby Who Wouldn't Go To Bed
Jethro Byrde - Fairy Child
Snow White in New York
The Grange at High Force
The Exeter Blitz
The Changeover
City of Gold
Mother Goose Treasury
Time of Trial
The Twelve and the Genii
The Woodcutter's Duck
The Edge of the Cloud
The Wind Blew
The Owl Service
Black Dog
Father Christmas
This Is Not My Hat
The Haunted House
Pirate Diary
Just in Case
The Wind on the Moon
A Pack of Lies
Borka: the Adventure of a Goose with No Feathers
Way Home
Bog Child
Mrs Easter and the Storks
The Jolly Christmas Postman
The Adventures of the Dish and the Spoon
The Story of Your Home
River Boy
Crafty Chameleon
Nordy Bank
Radium Woman
The Christmas Miracle of Jonathan Toomey
The Quangle Wangle's Hat
Long Neck & Thunder Foot
Can't You Sleep Little Bear?
The Little Grey Men
The Lantern Bearers

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