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"Our celebrations will include a display and competition for readers' group members. My top Carnegie winners would definitely be 'Northern Lights', 'Junk', 'Flour Babies', and 'The Ghost of Thomas Kempe'. Michael Morpurgo has been very overlooked - 'War Horse' and 'Private Peaceful' are both beautifully written, moving novels that have engaged all five readers' groups with which I have been involved."
Alison, Librarian, Leeds

"Why no Arthur Ransome or Jacqueline Wilson in the list? Shocking omissions"

"I think Robert Swindell's Brother in the Land is one of the great books of the decade."

"I think that A Little White Horse should be on the Top Tens - I read it as a child and thought it was absolutely fantastic."

"Tamar was the best book I'd ever read. Why isn't it in the top ten?"

"It is very hard choosing just one favourite book.In a way I like 'Tim all Alone’ best, but I have read 'Dogger' to so many children at school and found it fabulous for discussing emotions and actions. I had to vote for 'Dogger'."

"We have just been exploring your website.It is fantastic. After looking at your website, it has made me want to read Northern Lights and Ghosts in the Graveyard."
From Clemmy and Kyle

"I would like to read Northen Lights or Skellig after reading this website.They both look very exciting and scary!I have lots more on my mind to read later on in the year."
Megan and Tom.

"I think it's a bit sad you have chosen to leave some authors out in an effort to spark controversy. Your list seems more about try hard elitism than actual excellence. On what basis have these been chosen? Just to stir the pot? Or what? Oh well. Here's my top 10 in no particular order. I chose them because I loved them, I still have them, and if I could pass only ten on to my daughter, I would choose these.

1. Emily of New Moon
2. Anne of Green Gables
3. Heidi.
4. Alice in Wonderland.
5. Now We Are Six.
6. The Enchanted Wood.
7. Five on a Treasure Island.
8. Seven Little Australians.
9. Cheaper By the Dozen.
10.A Girl of the Limberlost."

"I think Carnegie is the best! Discussing and sharing novels is a brilliant way to get more out of books. As a celebration, I will be trying to read some of the previous winners and trying to get my friends involved too!"

Please use the space below to have your say about the anniversary celebrations.

  1. Tell us about how you intend to celebrate the anniversary
  2. Which books would be in your top ten?
  3. Share your thoughts on the past winning lists

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There is also a message board available for shadowing group leaders to exchange information and ideas about how they are planning to celebrate the anniversaries.

To access the message board group leaders should register via The Librarians and Teachers section of the shadowing site and follow the anniversary discussion thread.