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The New CArnegie Shortlist!
Currently reading an amazing book from the shortlist 2014! - The Wall By William Sutcliffe. A really good novel that got me gripped from the very beginning!
Posted on: 11 Jun 2014

Carnegie refresh 2014
Welcome to the Carnegie group 2014! Carnegie has some excellent new members... Bring on the Carnegie list 2014!
Posted on: 11 Jun 2014

Carnegie Club - 16th May
Currently sitting in a Learning Support office listening to Charlotte interviewing Anna about her favourite book!
Posted on: 16 May 2012

boy in the striped pjs.
this was the first book i have read cover to cover and it was amazing, when i started to read it i was determined to read it all before i watched the film and i am glad i did. this book was touching book and i got in to the book straight away, it was a real in site to the war and how it can change you and your family's life as soon as you make a dicision. if you are in to heart felt books and love history, this may be the book for, it was for me and i am steel looking for a book that make me feel the same. if any one has read a book like it and any were near it let me know xxx
Posted on: 27 Apr 2012

i love reading xxxxxxxx
nearly half way throught coraline and loving it. it is so much better then the move well arnt all books can wait to she how much better it gets. xxx
Posted on: 27 Apr 2012

I LOVE books!They are amazing yesterday I came home with Coraline it is amazing!! Can't wait to finish it!!
Posted on: 26 Apr 2012

Review on 'The Lord of the Rings'
I know a lot of people who have seen the films but not a single one has read the books. It is an extremely good series with several areas the films missed out. Although the thousands of pointless songs can get a bit tedious, the storyline and content within the series more than makes up for it. Better still, there are a lot of books within the series. 'The Hobbit', 'The Fellowship of the Ring', 'The Two Towers', and 'The Ruturn of the King' being the most famous; There is also the 12 'Tales of Tom Bombadil' (a character completely left out of the series), 'The Silmarillion', and 'Unfinished Tales'.
Posted on: 26 Apr 2012

First book in Carnegie
I have got home from the first Carnegie and have come home with 'Coraline' and got stuck in traffic on the way.Now I can't put the book down except to write on the blog. I am a 1/4 of the way through. Yah lol xx
Posted on: 25 Apr 2012

Review on 'The Hunger Games'
Most people hadn't even heard of the 'Hunger Games' until the movie came out. And even now not many people know what it is. This book is highly recommended and I think everyone 10 and over should read it. Go to the library and get it !!!!!!!
Posted on: 25 Apr 2012

View on 'Diary of a Wimpy Kid'
This book is for all ages and is a brilliant book. I think a lot of people would enjoy this book as it is humourous as well as interesting. It is a popular book already, but for those who haven't read it, I would recommend it, they are easy to read and quick but also fun.
Posted on: 25 Apr 2012

Loving Carnegie xxx
First day at Carnegie and I am loving it already. I can't wait to come next week !!! I just had an iterview for our status!! I need a really good book to read, any suggestions?!
Posted on: 25 Apr 2012

Review on 'Twilight'
'Twilight' is a really great book! It makes me want to read on and on. There are so many gripping scenes. I would recommend this book to any fans of the twilight saga. <3
Posted on: 25 Apr 2012

Carnigie all year round!
We are a bookclub that not only meets for the Carnigie medals but it also for other books that we read as a group. Recently we have read 'Millions' by Frank Cotrell Boyce. We also read 'Coraline' which was scary! Millions was not very good however somepeople liked it! Personally I prefer 'Cosmic', one of his other books.
Posted on: 25 Apr 2012

At Carnegie!!
We are on the computers just visiting our blog page working out how to use it! But we are a truly amazing book club that reads the best books that there are! We also have one awesome teacher Miss Thompson who gives us amazing books!! Our latest book was 'Millions' by Frank Cottrell Boyce and it was really good! So like i said our reading club is the best and nobody will ever beat it!! WE WANT TO BE THE VERY BEST; LIKE NO-ONE EVER WAS! TO READ THEM ALL, OUR REAL TEST; TO SHARE THEM IS OUR CAUSE! CARNEGIE! (GOTTA READ 'EM ALL!)
Posted on: 25 Apr 2012