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RGS Readers
Isle of Man,

Weekly Update
This week we haven't done much. Mrs. Bell is still reading 'The Midnight Zoo.' and 'Between Shades Of Grey.'. I'm still going to read 'A Monster Calls' and Peter is waiting for Mrs. Bell to finish 'Between Shades of Grey.' Sadly Meg and Frankie didn't come today.
Posted on: 15 May 2012

Carnegie Club
Peter was reading everybody jam and he said that is was boring. Amy was reading Devil walks and said that it was also boring. Meg was reading trash and said it was boring. Frankie was reading my sister lives on the mantelpiece and said it was brilliant.
Posted on: 08 May 2012

Short list surprises!
Everyone in our Carnegie shadowing club was very excited to hear that 5 of the books we have here ended up in the short list! After looking at the short list books, Peter has decided to give 'Everybody jam' by Ali Lewis. Frankie has decided to read 'My sister lives on the mantle piece' by Annabel Pitcher. After having a good long read of all of the blurbs on the books, I have decided to read 'Trash' by Andy Mulligan. We are all itching to have a good read of the books and we will update you on how they are going soon! By Meg!
Posted on: 24 Apr 2012

Weekly Update
i have started reading Dragon born and the three main characters are star buck the dragon,Sam the 12 year old apprentice and Flax field has just died and Sam is Sam has his dragon left
Posted on: 20 Mar 2012

Today 13/3/2012 We have two new members called Rhys and Danielle, Rhys has started to read Life an Exploded diagram By Mal Peet Danielle is reading The Midnight Zoo.
Posted on: 13 Mar 2012

Weekly Update
Meg has finished yet another book. Mrs. Bell is still reading 'Dragonborn'. Meg has moved onto the book 'Pull out all the stops' I'm still reading 'My sister lives on the mantlepiece' and Rachel is reading 'Long Lankin'. We're all waiting for the short list. Meg has predicted that 'A monster calls' and 'My sister lives on the mantlepiece' will get onto it.
Posted on: 06 Mar 2012

weekly update
the holidays have been and three books have been read by Mrs bell who read a monster calls Peter finished life an exploded diagram where a man explains his life in a diagram Mrs Bell kept on crying in her book Meg finished one dog and his boy and now id reading a monster calls emma right now is reading 'The Language of a Cat' and Frankie Is reading 'The Devil Walks.' Shona is reading 'My Name is Mina.'
Posted on: 28 Feb 2012

weekly update

Posted on: 28 Feb 2012

R.G.S update!
Dear Blog, Peter Morgan has finished his book one dog and his boy he recommend's it 9 to 13 year old's. Meg has finished her book My sister lives on the mantle piece she said that is very funny and she recommend's it to anyone. Everyone else in the club are in the middle of there book and are enjoying them very much.
Posted on: 07 Feb 2012

The Girl Who Fell From the Sky
Book Report - Harriet Godby and India Wedgwood Part 1 Rachel Morse has been sent to live with her grandma after a mysterious accident. The story starts in Portland in America in 1982. She is with her grandmother waiting for a bus to take them to Rachel’s new house. She has mixed skin with blue eyes. When she gets to her grandma’s house, she meets her Aunt Loretta and they have American Pancakes. A couple of days later, she goes to school. Her homeroom teacher is black, and this brings back memories of her old teachers. She doesn’t fit in, because there are 15 black, 7 white, and then there’s her. She meets another girl who has similar hair and colouring to her. Her name is Carmen LaGuardia. Her grandma thinks “you adjustin’ just fine” but other girls in her school threaten to beat her up and they make fun of her hair. Her grandma collects “knick-knacks” like mis-matched coffee cups, saucers, yards of corduroy, gingham, silk and lace all crammed in boxes and drawers. Her grandma’s things are hers as well, although she’s not allowed to touch them. Rachel’s Aunt Loretta ends up with a boyfriend called Drew who takes her out to play tennis. One time on the tennis courts, she trips and lands on some glass, resulting in her getting a big cut on her face. When she goes to hospital, they give her some antibiotics, which she reacts to and her skin peels off in places. This condition results in a machine helping her breathe, and eventually, she dies. Later on, Drew returns with a girl called Lakeisha who he takes to dinner. Drew gives her Rachel two books that her Aunt Loretta gave to her when she was in hospital. It turns out that her dad had signed them. She also finds out that her dad had been there for the first few days until he gets sent away by the nurse. She wants Lakeisha to go so she can look through the books to see if her dad left anything else. In the end, Rachel finds out that she has another brother called Jamie who calls himself Brick. He saw Rachel fall from the roof of the roof of the block of flats. He cannot believe that she has survived. “I think the book is quite good, but it is written in American Slang. Therefore it is somewhat more difficult to understand than books written in plain English. But it is nicely different to other books I have read.” Harriet Godby “I think the book was very interesting and understood it better because I have lived in America for five years. It is quite sad when you find out that poor Aunt Loretta dies of an unfortunate accident involving glass and an allergy to a certain kind of antiseptic cream. On the whole, it’s a very good book and I really enjoyed it.” India Wedgwood THE END
Posted on: 31 Jan 2011

Rowan the Strange Review By Bethan
Rowan the Strange is set during the beginning of the World War II and Rowan is having freaky spells. I think that the way this book is set out makes it easy to read which is helpful for a lot of people. I think that this book is a great read and makes you think about issues which you may not have previously thought of. In my opinion, I thoroughly enjoyed this book and believe that it should win the Carnegie shadowing medal.
Posted on: 17 Jun 2010

Review on Chains By Hannah, Cody, and Ashleigh
- It is a very sad book -The description is very good -It is the story of a slave girl called Isobel -Isobel's Mistress is very cruel. She slaps her, locks her in a potatoe bin, and has her put in the stocks. -Isobel's sister also belongs to Mrs Lockton. Her name is Ruth -There are lots of long words involved -Isobel's mother dies -Its in American -She runs away to saftey with her friend Curzon, a slave boy -Isobel's last owner freed her in her will, but nobody bothered to check -The story is set during the American Revoloutionary war. Isobel is employed to spy for the Americans as the Lockton's are British -Curzon's owner searches the Lockton's house for money given to the Lockton's by the British, also for any papers concerning the army -The book was interesting because we learned more about American history -We think it should win the Carnegie Medal By Hannah, Cody, and Ashleigh
Posted on: 17 Jun 2010

Fever Crumb By Aiden
I enjoyed this book because it is about a father and son who bring a monster to life and called it Fever Crumb. It went around destroying London. In my opinion, mortal engineers are one of the greatest fantasy worlds ever created and is an internationally best selling sequence of novels. Fever crumb is the brilliant prequal to the series.
Posted on: 17 Jun 2010

Review Of 'The Vanishing Of Katharina Linden' By Leona
I have read the book The Vanishing of Katharina Linden. This book was set in Germany and entranced the reader from the first sentence, This book is a mixture of fantasy and reality with shocking twists and excitement thrown into the mixture. The book is a great read and with each each page brings a new mystery. Leona
Posted on: 17 Jun 2010