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Star Reviewer!
I have to mention my Star Reviewer of the moment - Jaylon. He's read no less than six of the shortlisted novels and has uploaded reviews for all. Once he has - inevitably - finished all eight within the week (I should imagine) I think I will challenge him with uploading some entries on the blog! In other news - Midwinterblood is garnering a bit of a following. Read by four members of the group at the time of posting, they spent the lesson interrupting each others' reading time with comments about the elements of the different stories that were linked, or which bits they liked the best. I think Wonder may have a bit of a race on its hands!
Posted on: 20 May 2013

Progress Update: Week Three
Well, two and a half weeks in and the 'reading logs' look pretty impressive: Jaylon has finished 4 books (!!) and is onto his fifth, Aidan, Jennifer and Rachel have finished 2 each, and most of the other students are onto their second. I had one of my best moments in teaching yesterday, when the students begged me to be able to read for the whole lesson - something I was certainly not going to argue with! Reading is the best way to boost your skills in English, and Akshay even proclaimed that this unit had made him "like reading!" It thrills me to see so many students loving their books - I am really going to be interested to see which one they think should win when we get towards the final judging date... Miss H-D
Posted on: 16 May 2013

Progress Update: Week One
It's a week since we started our 2013 Shadowing, and there has some been some excellent progress made. Jaylon has finished two books, Jennifer, Akshay and Aidan one each. Three student reviews are now on the site, and the overall feelings so far are that A Boy and a Bear in a Boat is a favourite and Code Name Verity perhaps too confusing and slow to start (but worth it once you get to the second half!) Keep checking the website for more reviews and possibly videos from our Shadowers - and don't forget to vote for who you think should win the Carnegie Medal in 2013! Miss H-D
Posted on: 09 May 2013

The new Year 9s are off and running with their Carnegie books, three students have already finished their first readers - Jaylon finished 'Wonder', Akshay a 'Boy and a Bear in a Boat' and Aidan completed 'A Greyhound of a Girl'. Pretty good going for four days in in a class of only twelve students. There are some vociferous readers in this class! Their first reviews should be up by this Thursday so we'll all look forward to them! Miss H-D
Posted on: 06 May 2013

More reviews were uploaded today. Thanks to SeRi, Jason, Jee Woo. Calitynn's review is now the STAR REVIEW. I have written to the Carnegie panel to ask them to make KIS Shadowers one of their 'featured groups' on the main shadowing website. Watch this space! Only 2 more weeks guys! Get reading and reviewing! If you haven't posted a review yet, you have 2 more days to do so.....see you on Monday!
Posted on: 01 Jun 2012

To KIS' Shadowers Blog! News of reviews will be posted here...keep checking!
Posted on: 25 Apr 2011