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Meanwhile - in Midwinterblood
Midwinter blood is a fascinating book full of wonders of a mysterious island. The genres I think are fantasy/adventure/romance with a bit of horror. 2 unlikely strangers meet and it is love at first sight for 1 of them but will they come together? Just read the book and u will see!
Posted on: 24 May 2013

Midwinter Blood
I am currently reading Midwinterblood. Im not finished yet but thought i would share what i think of it so far:- I have found the book so far enjoyable and interesting as I believe in past lives. As it follows the two lost souls I feel I start to question my mortality but is very good. I find Merle a very relatable character but as I read on I am becoming slightly confused.
Posted on: 03 May 2013

Results of our Genre Poll
The results of the poll asking which genre you read most are:- Teen 44% Horror 19% Adventure, SciFi, Thriller, Fantasy, War and History all received 6% each
Posted on: 02 May 2013