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Milton Keynes Academy
MiIton Keynes,

2018 Launch
The Easter break was an ideal time for me to read the Carnegie shortlist. Watch this space for reviews and the Group Launch. Mrs Haines
Posted on: 09 Apr 2018

2016 shadowing is well underway. Join us on Thursdays!
Looking forward to having our opening meeting tomorrow. I have read 4 books so far. Must get posting some reviews and reading the rest. Thoughts so far... Conjoined twins. I loved Weight of Water by the sme author. Such a skilful method of writing. So few words can say so much. Check back soon for next post. Mrs Haines.
Posted on: 04 May 2016

Middle of Nowhere - my next book
Picked up 'Middle of Nowhere' over the long weekend and really enjoying it so far. Comity is an interesting character and the setting is well described. I took a short break from Carnegie to read our staff reading group novel 'An unlikely pilgrimage of Harold Fry'. Thanks to everyone that came to the last 2 meetings. Still some spaces if anyone else wants to join. Pop in and find out. Thank you. Mrs Haines
Posted on: 05 May 2015

First reviews posted
Fantastic to see lots of interest in the shortlisted books. Don't forget to return your letters and I look forward to seeing you for our first meeting, Two of the shortlisted books are available via our new ebook library so if you would like to try that, please contact the library for log in details. Great to hear Mrs Turner enjoyed 'More than this'. Miss Stewart is planning on joining our group and has recommended titles to some keen readers in her year 8 English group. Thank you both. Join us to read, meet, share and enjoy soon! Mrs Haines
Posted on: 15 Apr 2015

2015 Here we go!
My target was to read all 8 shortlisted titles over the 2 week Easter break. I managed 6 books. All great reads! Looking forward to meeting new shadowers and may be a few old faces at our first meeting next Thursday 23rd. Bye for now. Mrs Haines
Posted on: 14 Apr 2015

2014 We are good to go!
A little later than expected, I'd like to welcome everyone taking part in the group this year. Already I have been reading books that I would not have normally picked up so that is fantastic. I hope you will all be inspired to read the titiles. There is something for everyone. Mrs Haines.
Posted on: 28 Apr 2014

Here already - the final week!
Monday 11th June will be our final carnegie session before the results on Thursday lunchtime. Thanks for your great reviews - all of which you can now see on the website. My name is Mina seems to be the most read so is that your favourite? - let me know! Mrs Haines
Posted on: 10 Jun 2012

Missed the Monday meeting
Hi All, I really missed our Monday meeting but I do hope that the long weekend has meant you can steam ahead with the books. I have seen that some of you are taking Accelerated Reader quizzes on the titles and getting 100% - Great! - this really shows how much you have enjoyed them and how well you have followed the story. See you next week or catch me in the library anytime we are open. Mrs Haines
Posted on: 07 May 2012

2012 Carnegie Shadowing group
Hi Everyone and welcome to the first blog entry for 2012. I am really looking forward to all the books this year. My favourite so far is Trash. Don't forget to come along to our Monday meetings and catch up with everyone's views. Keep Reading. Mrs Haines.
Posted on: 30 Apr 2012

Posted on: 22 Jun 2011

Weekly meetings continue with more students
We used Tuesday's session to catch up with members of the group and swop or renew books. We were delighted to see author videos on the website. I particularly liked Marcus Sedgwick talking about 'White Crow' with the sound of the waves lapping the shore behind him. Two students have enjoyed 'Out of the Shadows' and have composed a letter to Jason Wallace. Brilliant. Mrs Haines
Posted on: 01 Jun 2011

Welcome to shadowing - Year7s
After a couple of great reading group meetings we have decided to open it out to year7s. I was delighted to hear today, when Mrs Read's class came to the LRC, that one year 7 student has already read 3 of the short list! Meanwhile, I am tackling Monsters of Men - Patrick Ness. See you on Tuesday, Mrs Haines
Posted on: 17 May 2011

Looking forward to seeing shadowers next week
As well as reading, I do hope you have all taken time out to look around the shadowing website and see what others have thought of the books. My recent book has been Pepper Roux - a very different read! See you on Tuesday in tutor time - I wonder if a favourite is emerging yet, in our group?... Let me know - Mrs Haines.
Posted on: 28 Apr 2011

Easter holidays and a great time to get reading
The weather has been perfect for sitting under a tree in my garden reading another Carnegie. This time 'The Bride's Farewell'. I found this a lovely story with many twists and turns. I missed Pell when I closed the book for the last time. I will now add a review - what a pity that some of the reviews contain too much about the story - I will avoid reading and writing ones like that! Keep reading. Mrs Haines.
Posted on: 23 Apr 2011

Our second meeting and a chance to add reviews
We met on Thursday and after a quick tour of the website, our shadowers added their first reviews. Now time to top up on more books for our Easter Break. My choice will be Pepper Roux and Bride's Farewell. Keep adding your reviews and look out for another blog post in a few days. Mrs Haines.
Posted on: 15 Apr 2011

Posted on: 11 Apr 2011

Posted on: 11 Apr 2011