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Tuesday 3rd May
Hello and welcome to the clever-clogs blog. Today we officially had our Kate Greenaway shortlisted books, which meant that we started to read them and judge them on our thoughts. Although we wanted to take our time and review one thing at a time so today we choose to review the illustrations. Here are our thoughts: Puja: Jim by Hiaire Belloc and Mini Grey. The pictures are very affective and are colourful. Although one of the pop-up pictures have sharp claws and can really hurt a little child, who would be reading this book. Charlotte: Ernest by Catherine Rayner These illustrations are a bit rough and un-neat. The colours are boring browns and whites. The moose looks like it was drawn by a child and is very smudged. The illustrations are not intricate and the only background is green graph paper. The story is only about the moose not being able to fit in the book. Illustrations= 3/10 Priyanka: Farther These illustrations are dull but intricate. The images are very neatly put in place and the colours stand out. The pictures look real. They are very detailed, and as if they were hand drawn. The more you look into the book the more colourful and detailed it gets. I thought it was beautifully drawn. Illustrations= 8/10 Poppy: Big Bear Little Brother by Carl Norac I think that the illustrations are beautifully detailed and with them being sketchy it brings life to a wonderfully illustrated book. The illustrator Kristin Oftedal has done a very good job. Illustrations= 8/10 Zara= The Heart and the Bottle by Oliver Jeffers I think this book is really quite interesting and the pictures really show the emotions of the little girl. The illustrations at first were really small but expressive but then as the book went on, the illustrations got bigger and more expressive. Illustrations= 9/10 Aarthi= Big Bear Little Brother by Carl Norac I think the illustrations are very detailed and sketchy. The expression on the characters shows. I think that the illustrations could be more colourful as now they are black, white and pale colours. Tooth Fairy by Bob Graham I really like illustrations bright and colourful and comic like. I think the illustrations help the reader understand the story. I think the illustrations are very detailed as well. Illustrations= 9 ½ out of 10 Thank you for reading, The Clever-Clogs.
Posted on: 30 May 2011

Tuesday 15th March 2011
Hello, we're the Clever-Clogs and today was our first ever seesion. Because this was our first session we decided to start off with a group photo and a video to show you, the public, who we are and what our favourite genre was. At this point we don't have all of our books yet but we are hoping to get our books on the 1st of April. Although, we are spending our time videoing what we like in books and why. Thank you for reading, The Clever-Clogs.
Posted on: 30 May 2011

Tuesday 8th March 2011
Hello and welcome to the first ever Clever Cloggs Blog. If you hadn't notice we are called the Clever Cloggs but are real names are: Aarthi, Charlotte, Keya, Maleeka, Nishi, Poppy, Priyanka, Puja and Zara. Our group teacher is Mrs. Hubble and or group leader is Zara. And we come from Heathfield School. Our first ever session will be held on Tuesday 15th March 2011 were we will discuss what we are going to judge the books on, how are we going to discuss the books, our Clever Clogs member picture and lastly How we are going to run our Clever Clogs Club.Thankyou for reading,The Clever-Clogs.
Posted on: 08 Mar 2011