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readdddd thisssss
hello hi and hey. i am a student from bghs reading club and so farr i have been reading prisoner of the inquistion. this book must be the first book i could read 100 times it just gets better and better until u get to this point where it just cnt get better, i would definetly recommend this book to anyone who has not read it. dnt just judge the book by the cover judge it by the adventure in the book. this book is the perfect thing to calm you down and place your mind in another world, :)
Posted on: 18 Apr 2011

ok so im one of the readers and i am reading monsters of men and it is totaly epic because it gives me a better insight into what the noise it and who the spackle are. at first i thought they were sheep (in the chaos walking book 2) but it turns out they are intelligent. awesome. but the people realy shouldent be killing them. they desrve rights. and i dont know about this but i think todd and viola are gf and bf! i hope they are! they would make a good couple i think. so i hope everyone else is enjoying the books!
Posted on: 04 Apr 2011

Waiting for the shortlist
We are very excited about the shortlist books arriving! Megan hopes there will be an epic fantasy book in the shortlist. Lauren would like a classic or vampire novel. Jess hopes there will be a David Almond book in there. Humaira hopes there will be at least one horror book, Madiya, Saarah and Raheemah hope there will be some magic, Nazeerah and Zainab hope for some adventure, Faaizah also wants a scary book in the shortlist. Charlotte, Sophie, Megan and Mrs Kilburn are hoping for a love story( Like in Twilight :)). Miss Hartley is just very excited for new books arriving!
Posted on: 31 Mar 2011