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Reading Group

Diary of a Wimpy Kid
There are 6 parts to this story, the main character is Greg, Greg Heffley he has a dumb friend called Rowely and Rowely's parents treat him like a little child. The story is written in a form of Diary Entries. All I will say is: "Get the book and read it!"
Posted on: 17 May 2011

Holes by Louis Sachar
This book is about 13 year old Stanley Yelnats who's family has a history of bad luck so when he gets sent to a juvenile detention centre, he's not surprised. There he has to dig one hole everyday, five feet deep and five feet wide. The Warden a.k.a the manager of the camp says the boys do this because it's character building but Stanley is not so sure. What does the Warden want them to find? Could it be the legendary treasure of Kissin' Kate Barlow? It's up to Stanley and fellow juvenile criminal, Zero to find out.
Posted on: 19 Apr 2011

Ready, Steady, READ!
Welcome everyone to the Carnegie Shadowing 2011! I was very sorry to have missed the first meeting due to my leaky ceiling (unfortunately situated above my bookshelf), especially as Iíd been looking forward to it for weeks. Luckily it seems like everybody had a good time without me! The books on this yearís shortlist look really good. They span all sorts of genres and time periods so there is something thatís bound to interest everybody. Itís also a good opportunity to try something different. Iím personally going to try Jason Wallaceís ďOut of ShadowsĒ first. I had been putting off reading it because it looks pretty tense but Iím going to use the awards as my reason to give it a try. Itís about a boy who starts school in Zimbabwe in the 1980ís just when Mugabe first comes into power. The plot centres on his school life where he is the outsider and the other children are still struggling even though the war itself is over. I wonít be at the meeting next week as Iím going to Aberystwyth (Wales) to study but Iím looking forward to seeing more reviews on the webpage and seeing everybody when I return. Iíve reserved some copies of last yearís winner, ďThe Graveyard BookĒ by Neil Gaiman which you should be able to take home next week and Iíll be putting my reviews and thoughts online too so watch this space! Happy Reading, Kim at The Lewis Carroll Childrenís Library.
Posted on: 07 Apr 2011

Beautiful by Katie Piper
It is about a 24 year old lady who had acid thrown all over her face by her boyfriend's friend and was raped by her boyfriend after a party. She had surgery and had to have a new face.At the end he got arrested. I liked this book because it is a true story and will teach people to be careful about who you are going out with.
Posted on: 05 Apr 2011