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The Blurb, Kings' School

Meeting time?
Hi! Ariana here, When is the nxt meeting? I don't want to miss out on the chatting and cookies! C u @ the nxt meeting!
Posted on: 30 Jun 2011

What to do on Tuesday???
Hi People, so the next meeting is tomorrow and we'll be chatting about 'Out of Shadows' which is exciting. Remeber all of your username and passwords should be up and running now, so get blogging, voting and reading! Mrs S
Posted on: 23 May 2011

which book ?
Hello everyone, I am sorry i could not make it to the meeting on thursday. i was wondering which book we had chosen to read over the easter holidays. it would be nice if you could post a blog to tell me and i hope you all enjoy reading the book. Oliver :-)
Posted on: 15 Apr 2011

It's almost Thursday!
Hi Sarah and any other bloggers. I've never written a blog before, so this is all very new and exciting. Glad to hear that you are looking forward to tomorrow. I haven't managed to get as far as reading any of the first pages yet... so better get cracking before tomorrow. Based on first impressions, I like the look of 'Out of Shadows.' See you tomorrow, Mrs Small!
Posted on: 06 Apr 2011

Thursday...can't wait!
Don't worry Sarah...I'm a blog nerd! Did you know, the word Bible comes from the Greek word "Biblos," which is translated "book." They first used the Greek word to describe the collection, which later became known as "the Book." C u on Thursday...
Posted on: 05 Apr 2011

LONELY (slightly)
Hi. Sarah B here! I know I have been posting lots, but that is good isn't it? O.k., I am officially wanting someone 2 read my blogs! PLZ PLZ PLZZZZ JOIN ME!!!!!! (Even a teacher would do! Wink-wink-nudge nudge!)xxx LOL
Posted on: 05 Apr 2011

Hi it's Sarah B AGAIN I have had a read of Monsters of Men, and it sounds good 2! xxx LOL
Posted on: 05 Apr 2011

Hi it's Sarah Bennett I have had a look at the first page of all the books, and my fave has 2 B The Bride's Farewell! Even my sister voted on it on our poll! xxx LOL
Posted on: 05 Apr 2011

Well everyone, I have had a look at all the books and am very excited. What a WIDE range of texts. Lots of reading for me over Easter. Don't forget to vote on the Poll. Mrs Brine.
Posted on: 04 Apr 2011