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Bibliotherapy with Charlotte Raby!
Downlandsʼ Carnegie reading group kicks off on Thursday 5th May, 3.15-5pm, in E1.

Every Thursday, there will be a lunchtime meeting, but on the 5th, there is an amazing, once in a lifetime after-school event...
Bibliotherapy with Charlotte Raby

Charlotte Raby is a Children's Bibliotherapist at the School of Life in London.
“The Bibliotherapy service was set up to help people search out and meet their literary needs. We are book doctors healing the mind and feeding the soul.”
You will have a short one-to-one or group bibliotherapy session with Charlotte, reflecting on the books you’ve loved, and exploring possibilities for that next big favourite. Whilst each student takes turns for their session, the rest of the group will be designing and creating a fabulous wall display for the book group in the English department, and/or customising and adding content to the website.

Please see Mrs. Kleanthous in E1 so that she can confirm the number of pupils able to attend.

Posted on: 27 Apr 2011

Ideas for meetings

Make a video. Create a "big brother style" video diary to track your group's progress and favourites or interview students as book characters by getting them to answer questions as though real events were taking place, use props to reinforce character, create book trailers for your favourite books. You can upload your video to your group homepage!

Run competitions and award small prizes for best reviews, best book cover re-designs, wordsearches, crosswords, quizzes etc.

Brand your meetings. Download free stuff colourful membership cards, certificates, doorhangers and bookmarks to give out at meetings.

Write a blog. All groups have the facility to write and update their own blog. This is a great way to track activity. One group member can be in charge or readers can take turns each week. Video chats. If you have a webcam and suitable software (eg. Skype) you can connect up with other shadowing groups. It may take a while to sort out all the technical details, but it's worth it for the experience of talking on the telly! Use the Message Board to see if anyone wants to set up a connection.

Meet up with other shadowing groups.Discuss and vote for favourite titles. Organise a special debate or shadowing celebration with a neighbouring school or library.

Customise your Shadowing Homepage. Get IT-gifted students to help re-design your group's shadowing homepage. They can choose from a number of funky designs and layouts to give your group a unique identity.

Design your own polls. Everyone loves to vote! Your group can design their own polls to find out what group members are thinking and refresh content at any time. You can share your polls with other groups. Groups have made polls about everything from deciding what biscuits to choose for their next meeting, to working out which genre is the most popular amongst their readers.

Make things. How about practical activities linked to the titles? Baking, map-making, poster drawing, model making. Dramatic interpretations of scenes from the shortlist. Which one fires the group up the most, and which scene comes over the best, costumes, props, Powerpoint displays. Challenge students with the task of creating Powerpoint presentations on each of the shortlisted authors, using information from our website, and other Internet sources.

Booksharing. Take secondary school students into infants or primaries to try storytelling with Greenaway shortlist titles. A hugely rewarding experience. Use the Living Archive of previous winners as a practice run for shadowing, reading and reviewing books out of season.

Watch videos of authors and illustrators talking about their work by visiting the Watch, Listen and Read section of the site.

Review first chapters and front covers. A good way to introduce a selection of books to choose from. Can spark a debate about "judging books by their covers" and decide which books look the most interesting. Compare results at the end of shadowing to see if predictions were right.

Posted on: 08 Apr 2011

The shortlist is announced! See here for more...
ISBN: 9781406310276
Zarita, only daughter of the town magistrate lives a life of ease. Saulo, son of a family reduced by circumstances to begging, swears vengeance, after witnessing his father wrongfully arrested and brutally killed. As the Spanish Inquisition arrives, bringing a climate of suspicion and acts of torture to the town, the fates of Zarita and Saulo intertwine, with tragic consequences.

ISBN: 9780192756022
Pepper Roux awakes on his fourteenth birthday; the day he has been told he must die. He doesn't want to disappoint, but he doesn't want to die either. So he goes on the run, setting sail on a sea of adventures, courting mayhem and disaster at every turn. Can he escape his fate – for a while at least?

ISBN: 9780385617031
The third and final volume in the "Chaos Walking Trilogy" finds three armies marching on New Prentisstown, each intent on destroying the others. Todd and Viola are caught in the middle with no chance of escape or, it seems, of stopping the fighting. But then a third voice enters the fray, one bent on revenge.

ISBN: 9780141383934
On the morning of her wedding, Pell Ridley creeps out of bed in the dark, kisses her sisters goodbye and flees on horseback, determined to escape a future that offers nothing but hard work, and sorrow. The road ahead is rich with encounters that lead her closer to the untold story of her past. And she meets a hunter, whose fate also seems strangely entwined with her own.

ISBN: 9781842551875
Two lives, two centuries apart, but obsessed by the same question: is there life after death? When city girl Rebecca arrives in the quiet village of Winterfold one relentlessly hot summer, her uneasy friendship with strange, elfin Ferelith sets in motion a shocking chain of events.

ISBN: 9781849390484
It is Zimbabwe in the 1980s. The civil war is over, independence has been won, and Robert Mugabe has come to power, offering hope, land and freedom to black Africans. For Robert Jacklin, it's all new too as he gets used to a new continent, a new country, a new school. But he is quickly forced to realise that for many of his fellow pupils, the battle for their old country rages on.

Posted on: 01 Apr 2011