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Ryedale Readers

We love the carnigie books!
Hi everyone! our group has now read most of the books and no clear favourite has been found. We all like monsters of men but to differing extents. Mrs Brown loves it like me but some of the girls think that it isn't that good but just okay. The girls don't like pepper roux but me and rob do so i think it's more of a boy's book. anyway thats all for now, Tristan
Posted on: 11 May 2011

Carnegie medal shortlist 2011
i have just seen the shortlist and it looks amazing! I can't believe that patrick ness has been shortlisted for every book in his series. the rest of the books look brilliant , especially prisoner of the inquisition and the death-defying pepper roux, both of which i have read and thought were brilliant. thats all for now. Tristan
Posted on: 02 Apr 2011

Favourite Books
Hey, this is Violet again, here to tell you about our groups favourite books. Our teacher, Mrs Brown's favourite book at the moment is called Demon Lexican, but she couldn't remember the author. From here on I can't remember who chose what, apart from Poppy, who said, "The Host- Stephenie Meyer. Poppy wrote this! Me, not Xanthe or Violet, Me. (Poppy)", so thats DEFINATELY Poppy's choice. These are the rest: Hetalia-Axis Powers ( A manga) - Hidekaz Himanya, Revolution- Can't remember author, The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks (sciency)- Rebecca Slomes (I think!), Death Note (12 book manga series)- Can't remember author, The Demonata Series- Darren Shan, The Rats Trillogy- James Herbert, Summoner Girl Series (manga) - Can't remember author, Emily The Strange series- Can't remember author, The James Herriot Books- James Herriot (Duh!). And the boy's choices: Airman- Eoin Colfer, From Where I Stand- Tabitha Sutzuma, The Hunger Games, Hellbent, I Boy- Kevin Brooks, The Inheritance Cycle (four books). Well, thats all from me for now. Violet x
Posted on: 31 Mar 2011

Hey y'all!
Hello! Vicki and Violet here! SO basically we're not too sure what to write about right now so... Vicki: The last book I read was Lair by James Herbert... Well that's the last actual book, I read volume 3 of a manga called Death Note yesterday... That's really good! It's a murder mystery (sort of... we know what's going on) and it's really exciting! I bought the first two volumes in one (The Black Edition) and I bought then next two aswell because it's really good! Violet: We, in case you didn't know, are the people who designed this wonderful page, also, vicki, STOP TRYING TO TAKE OVER!!! Vicki: ooo look! black tears! Violet: RANDOM!!! not really, its at the side. Well, the last book I read, was Withering Tights by Louise Renisson, and its set in north yorkshire, (WHOOP!) and is very good if you want a romantic comedy. Until later, Vicki x Violet x
Posted on: 14 Mar 2011