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Out of Shadows Review by Juliana Sackey
So far I have been reading Out of The Shadows by Jason Wallace, a historically based story told by a British boy named Bobby who moves to Zimbabwe very shortly after the race war. The war between the native Zimbabweans (blacks) and long time colonist Rhodesians (whites). The Zimbabwean democracy has a new leader by the name of Robert Mugabe. As Bobby moves to his new boarding school he discover that the students have not yet learnt the rules of equality and peace - Bobby must be bold as he defends his black friend, Nelson as well as the racists that rule him. Although the civil physical war is over there is more to fight for. I, personally am quite perplexed in this book as these children are 20 years after this war but yet history lives on. Some people have taught thier children to accept others but some are still bitter and hateful from the war. They use quite a lot of racist words I don't understand but I will be interested in researching the historical background of this book.
Posted on: 17 May 2011

Prisoner reveiw by james sackey
The opening of this book is quite good but not as good as what came after it. This book is very well written and keeps me waiting for a new chapter. I especially like that fact that it splits into two peoples perspectives and allows me to grasp more of what is happening throughout the book and what two different people are seeing. It really helps to gte a better understanding of the book.
Posted on: 17 May 2011

Which books have you read?
I have read 4 of the books so far and am finding it difficult to decide which is my favourite. They are all so very different. I think "Out of the shadows" was a brilliant book. Set in Zimbabwe it gave me a fascinating insight into the politics and apartheid regime there. Knowing what President Mugabe has since done to this country makes it all the more fascinating. Once I started this book I couldn't put it down. It is recommended for 14 years plus so be prepared for some gritty realism.....
Posted on: 10 May 2011

I'm Starting With...
The first book I have decided to read is 'The Bride's Farewell'. I am a only a few pages in but am pleasantly surprised as to how enjoyable it is to read! Mrs. Pemberton
Posted on: 05 May 2011