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Knowetop Primary School

half way mark
I am reading this book rather slowly as I've not been able to find a wee hour to get a good at this book. I said in my last post I was finding this book very hard to get into but now I'm kind of beginning to love it. So next week I'm really going to push to finish this book.
Posted on: 16 May 2017

The stars at Oktober bend reviewed by Brooke Mckenna
I am almost half way through of reading the stars at Oktober bend by Glenda Millard. So far , I am really enjoying this book and I hope my other friends at book club with like it just as much as I do when they are reading it .This book is definitely one of my favourite books so far.I will be trying to read the rest of this book throughour the week
Posted on: 11 May 2017

new book / Sputnik's Guide to Life on Earth
I've just started this new book and its full of humour already. I think the other books are slightly more grown up than this one and that's ones I'd prefer but I've read that it gets better the more you read.
Posted on: 09 May 2017

Posted on: 05 May 2017

Knowetop Book Group 2017
Our 2017 Knowetop Book Group is having a bit of a slow start! We will get into it though! It's too good an opportunity to miss. Get reading Knowetoppers!
Posted on: 27 Mar 2014