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The Brides Farewell!:)
This book is very good, and comes under historical adventure and its really intresting and also its only £7.00!!:) We like Bean the most! By Jemma & Anne!:)
Posted on: 21 Jun 2011

Prisoner of the Inquisition Book Review
'Prisoner of the Inquisition' is an incredibly moving story about two lives that are changed forever by eachother's actions and those of the inquisition. It tells of how fear, hate, revenge and guilt control two lives but how love overcomes it all. You see the pair's transitions from childhood to adulthood. At the front of the book there was an introduction that gave me information about the state of Spain during this time and why the Inquisition was created. King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella have recently wed and are fighting to re-unite Spain again. While doing so, they want everyone to be Catholic and are willing to torture anyone who acts suspiciously and goes against their wishes. Anyone labelled a heretic would be burnt at the stake. This introduction really helped me understand the rest of the book and why everything was happening. I thought the beginning of the book was absolutely fantastic! It begins with a woman being burnt at the stake, begging for a cross to hold as the flames eat away at her body. I was immediately gripped and couldn't put the book down!! But this wasn't the only good quality of this book. Once you get past the first page, the story line is very cleverly planned and there are so many twists and turns awaiting every corner! The story was very emotional. Zarita, the daughter of the town's magistrate, tells a lie which ends up with the death of Saulo's father. She then finds out that her mother and new born brother died during childbirth, and to make things worse, their family have been put under the suspicion of the Inquisition. Another woman comes into the picture and immediately takes over Zarita and her dad's lives. It seems like her mother has been forgotten! Meanwhile, Saulo has been forced to become a slave at sea and is adapting to his new life. The rest is just surprise after surprise after surprise!!! You really understand what the characters are going through and really sympathise with them. The ending for me was the highlight of this book! It was an ending I really didn't expect. It was an ending that saddened me but also made feel happy and hopeful for the future of the survivors. Who are the survivors? You'll just have to read!!
Posted on: 21 Jun 2011