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Jay was the First!!
Jay was the first one to write a review on our group page!!! Hopefully the other members of the group will follow soon with their reviews!!
Posted on: 03 Jun 2011

Start Reading!!!
The books have now arrived and all the girls chose one each that they would like to read, something that caught their eye. Jordanne has taken Mosters of Men as has Sam, Danielle and Amy have both taken Out Of The Shadows and Megan is reading The Bride's Farewell. So we will see what they shouldn't take them too long!!
Posted on: 10 May 2011

The Shortlist!
We have been looking through the shortlist today in our reading group and have been judging all the books by their covers!!
Posted on: 01 Apr 2011

we are complete!
we have just finished our web page, and feel complete. Before we felt incomplete and broken hearted!!! There were a few arguments about how to design our web page, and I'm sure there will be some more too. But for now we are happy with the layout, although Megan wanted a plank of wood as the back drop to the page, but she'll have to make do with the brick wall instead.
Posted on: 01 Apr 2011

We are New!!
The Young Ones reading group has just been signed up to the shadowing site today!! I am the group leader of two groups here at Hedon Library, and am very keen to see what The Young Ones can do, as this is their first year. All the girls are keen readers, with a couple of them finishing books in just a day or two. So following the Carnegie Medal should be right up their street. I thought I would start their blog off for them; the girls will no doubt have lots to say when we finally start reading, so I'll leave the rest up to them.
Posted on: 30 Mar 2011