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Skinners' Kent Academy Shadowers
Tunbridge Wells, Kent

First Blog!

Posted on: 10 May 2016

Ready to go?
Hi, hope you all are looking forward to tomorrow and does everyone know their reserve choice for the day because we can't all choose the same book. According to Edmodo some of us are getting very excited. I hope that you guys enjoy it. If you have any questions I will see you on the day. I have been to TWGGS before so I know where to be. And I have done the award before so I will help you guys. On the day you are put into book coordinated groups and the best presentation on your chosen book wins. If you are shy don't worry you'll be fine it is a very good experience where you can communicate with a range of different people. Also the schools get to vote on their favourite book. And it is interesting to find out if CILIP agree.
Posted on: 21 Jun 2015

5th Meeting: 12.5.15
Hi Guys, another blog post now from Nathan. Let's get down to business by going straight into the Spotlight which has turned on Tanya Landman, author of Buffalo Soldier. Monster of Men by Patrick Ness is our step back in time this week as well. Our next meeting will be TOMORROW TUTOR in the afternoon instead of next Tuesday. Notes will be put on the register and tutors will be informed. Please post as many reviews as you can by Thursday as we want to have a good entry for the Magazine compeition. We are investigating putting a group video on here at the website and we will keep you informed. *UPDATE* A video has recently appeared on the website. Please don't take any notice of it as this is a test for future purposes. Happy Reading! From, Nathan Friend
Posted on: 12 May 2015

4th Meeting: 5.5.15
HI Guys, thank you to everyone that was able to make it to our meeting today. Let's get down to business first with this week's Star Review. I have been looking at them and chosen the best one there is. The winner is... Apple and Rain by Fatima! Well done to Fatima. As usual, it's situated at the top fo the review column. Our spotlight has turned to the illustrator of Tinder, David Roberts this week. We also looked at Sally Gardner's interview as well this week. The step back in time this week is I will never eat a Tomato by Lauren Child. This book won back into 2000. The powerpoint will be put on edmodo with all the info from today's meeting. The last thing from today's blog post is that the photo has been put on the website. Unfortunately, I am not allowed to state who is in it for Child Safeguarding Reasons and to keep in line with Academy Policy. I can state though that everyone in our group is in the photo! Enjoy! From, Nathan Friend
Posted on: 05 May 2015

3rd Meeting: 28.4.15
Hi Guys, thank you to everyone that turned up today. This blog post is centred towards people who didn't come today. The next meeting will not be next Tuesday but TOMORROW tutor time in the library. The tutors will be informed and notes will be put on the register. The poster competition has now begun and the deadline is the 22nd of June. It can be hand drawn or computer generated. It MUST show your interpretation of the book in question. Please make sure you put your name and school (SKA) on the back. The spotlight is on Sally Gardner this week and the winner from 1978, The Exeter Blitz by David Rees. As usual, this will be updated next week. See you tomorrow! From, Nathan Friend
Posted on: 28 Apr 2015

Membership Cards
Hi Guys, Quick update from Nathan for our Carnegie Reader Group. Membership Cards have been laminated and are in the process of being rounded by Megan and Natasha. They will be given out on the 28th of April (next Tuesday). From, Nathan Friend
Posted on: 22 Apr 2015

2nd Meeting: 21.4.15
Hi Guys, Thank you to those who made it to today's meeting. To those who weren't, try make it next week. The spotlight on and the step back in time have changed now. The Spotlight has turned to Elizabeth Laird this time and Millions by Frank Cottrell Boyce is inviting you to take a step back in time. All reviews and opinions are valued. Once you have read a book, please post a review as I would like a broad selection to chose from for Star Review. Please answer to the poll as we would really like your feedback. We might consider a second meeting a week as we simply can't fit everything in one meeting. Thanks, Nathan Friend
Posted on: 21 Apr 2015

Meeting Dates
Hi guys it's Drew here I hope you all had a good easter holiday. We have started to think that there could be two meetings a week. It would be good if you reply to the poll. If you can't do tuesdays this could help you to be able to feedback to each other more often and to help you and the others with keeping track on your progress. Thanks, Drew Kirkham
Posted on: 20 Apr 2015

First Review is published!
Thank you for Drew doing the first book review! It's for apple and rain and has been checked for continuity. ALL reviews will be checked by Ms Moeller before appearing on the website. Please make sure they are no longer than 2 paragraphs as we don't want Ms Moeller to be reviewing an essay! From, Nathan Friend
Posted on: 01 Apr 2015

We have begun!!
Hi Guys, Nathan here with our first blog post this year. We will be changing the step back in time and the spotlight on sections each week to give you a real insight into the Kate Greenaway and Carnegie awards. Thank you for coming to the meeting today. It was really good to hear how everyone felt about the books. We are currently considering changing our name but we want to see what you think! Please answer the poll and we will review after Easter or when we have sufficient votes. We have started a reading barometer and this week Apple and Rain is at the top of the list. We will do votes each week and see who gets the most votes at the end of Carnegie! We have just discovered that we can upload videos to the website. We will investigate this and see if it is possible. Happy Easter and keep reading! From, Nathan Friend
Posted on: 31 Mar 2015