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St Richard Gwyn Catholic High School
Vale of Glamorgan,

Our Book Group is reading
We are reading 'Where the World Ends' by Geraldine McCaughrean. The group have so far found the book quite complicated, with lots of characters to remember and language which is unfamiliar given the setting of the book. We have found the glossary in the back very useful in helping us to understand the Scottish Island terminology. We also watched some footage from St Kilda from the early 1900s which helped to give us some perspective and understanding of a very alien environment. As we have worked through the students have found themselves reading more quickly as the story becomes more gripping and the characters more familiar. We all have our favourite character and of course the ones we really dislike - and with good reason, one or two of them are quite unlikable. I (Mrs McCarthy) have already finished the book so know that there are some surprises to come - not all good ones. I am hoping the students are as shocked as I was - in a good way!
Posted on: 22 May 2018