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Wonder Review - Callum Nelmes
OK Carnegie. Here's a review you can be amazed at. Wonder. Ok so I don't love this book like the majority of you. I have no idea why you chose this for carnegie. Blah blah blah whatever what's the story? The story is off a boy called August. Why the writer gave him a girls name to a boy I don't know. He lives with his mom, dad his sister Via and her soon to be dead dog Daisy. SPOILERSS? Anyway August, because of her mutated face hasen't been to school. Instead she was homeschooled. So his parents decide to send him a school with real teachers and a headmaster called Mr Tushman. Then the students at the school learn the meaning off friendship blah blah blah you get the moral. Now let's get to the good parts. Well... They potray August quite well I mean... He accepts that he's a freak who lives under a rock and has to be fed strangely and that he wasen't perfect. And he also lies about it even though he accepts it. Wow this kid just contradicted himself. Anyway the other characters are kinda forgettable but they do bring in some more opportunities Now to the bad stuff. The liar revealed story. Yes I hate it as much as the Nostalgia Critic does. ( It's tedious, it's cliche and obviously we saw it coming. There is no real villain apart from Julian. And when the dog died? I didn't cry. I didn't even feel sad in any way. It was predictable that the dog died. The follow up to it was horrible too. The book's just not one for me. Maybe the next book is better. Oh wait. It never is. 5/10 ~Callum Nelmes/ Cobra Bubbles. AKA: TheNotoriousCritic
Posted on: 19 Jun 2013

'WONDER' by R.J Palacio revued by Marshall
This is not my favoroite book but it does have some good parts, like all the hobbit and star wars refranses. For instance, when the main caricter cuts his braid it shows that he is no longer a pada wan! But the one thing that let me down was the genre it was too much like real life where as I'm a more action-adventure cind of person. However, the book has alot of patential I give it a 7/10 rating.
Posted on: 05 Jun 2013