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Week 4
Our reviews and thoughts from this week's meeting. Moray Crossan I found 'Trash' to be a very interesting read at the beginning, but it got quite boring the further in you read. The book is quite slow when it gets to the middle and it's a bit too real. I would recommend this book to someone if they have a good attention span. Matthew Reeve-Arnold 'Trash' is good, but it is a book that you can't put down because if you do you will forget what has happened to each character. Also I don't think that the book should swap between the characters. I don't know who the main character is any more because you get so many individual stories from each different character. Rosanna Terry I am reviewing 'The Midnight Zoo' At first my book was very interesting and I couldn't stop reading it, but as I carried on it started to get a bit boring. It is about Andrej and Iomas trying to help the zoo, but I feel like the book has run out of excitement. Carl Parsons 'My name is Mina' because it is about a girl writing her life story. I like Mina because she is relaxed and does things her own way. Tom Duke 'Small Change Stuart' is good book that is made up mainly of mysteries and puzzles. I like the fact that I can try to figure out the nest piece of the puzzle. The character of Stuart's Dad is great. He seems to piece everything together. He is very clever he says many words that don't make sense, but Stuart just carries on. I would really really recommend this book to anyone looking for an easy read that is full of awesomeness :) Tahiyya Chawdhury The good thing about 'Between shades of grey' is that the author gives a lot of detail. However I feel that the level of detail given makes the book slow and boring. I also don't like the subject matter. This is a book about war and I have never enjoyed war books or films. Harry Reynolds is reading 'Everybody Jam' This book is an intriguing character study that provides us with characters whom we can sympathise with and understand more throughout the book. The main character is a younf Australian who lives with his family in the middle of the outback. He has a pet camel named Buzz, a pregnant sister and a deceased brother.
Posted on: 28 May 2012

Week 3!
Today we are discussing our favourite characters in our books. This weeks blogs will be all about characters and why we like them or not. Week 3 Character Assessment Matthew Reeve Arnold Rat-He is a skinny boy. He crawls around the trash like a rat. He tries to sound tough, but he is actually weak and feeble. I like him because of his friendship with Raphael and Gardo. Tom Duke Stuart’s Dad-This character has a very strong influence over Stuart. He is very strong willed, clever and is a kind father. The thing I like about him is how he explains things to his son. He explains things to Stuart in a very complicated way. Moray Crossan Raphael is a young boy from Behala. His main occupation is being a Trash boy. This involves sorting through rubbish and stupp. Stupp is another word for human waste. One day while Raphael is sorting through the rubbish he discovers a bag. This bag contains an ID card, clothes and money. This is bad because he is beaten by police trying to look for something sinister. Sarah Keefe April, May and June are identical triplets and they are always snooping around. They annoy Michael and they write for the local newspaper. I like the triplets because they are nosey. They get into trouble without even realizing and they never get told off! Tahiyya Chawdhury Mina-I like the character mina because she has her own imagination and she is always in a world of her own. Mina has her own sense of style and ways of doing things. I like her because she is friendly to everyone. Everyone thinks she is really weird so she doesn’t really have any friends. That is until Michael moves in next door to become her neighbour. Lucy Gibson My favourite characters are Jas and Sunya. I like Jas because she is so crazy. She has a unique and adventurous life and does what she wants, when she wants to. She is always positive and sees the best in people. I like Sunya because she is her own person. Being a Muslim means she receives a lot of stick about her religion, but she does not take it to heart. She is a happy, caring and loving character despite the devious tricks that she plays on others. Molly Bell My favourite character is Jas because I can relate to her. She is bright and does not care what people think of her. She has a caring nature and looks after her brother. I am sure she has a dark side to her. Rosanna Terry Wolf-I like this character because he explains what happens in the story. He is very cunning and does not always speak up when he should. Bear-I don’t really like the bear because he does not make any sense or do anything important. Carl Parsons You could say that Conor is the main character. I like him because he always has a lot going on in his life. His Mum is dying and sadly she dies at the end of the book. He gets bullied too, which is sad.
Posted on: 21 May 2012

Week 2!
Week 2 Carnegie Book Shadowing Sarah Keefe is reading ‘Small Change Stuart’ I like this book because I like to read mystery and adventure books. It has a fun and adventurous story line. I am having no trouble reading this book. I think that this book is suitable for children around age 13 because some of the words are confusing. Despite this I would change my book. Tom Duke is reading ‘Small Change Stuart’ This book is a bit different. I chose it because it sounded like a sort of ‘finding yourself’ book. It tells the reader of a boy who does not fit in. He finds something magical. I feel that he will eventually find his place in the world. It’s quite an easy read and I find dipping in and out of it easy to do. The story reminds me of the film, Hugo. Michael Brett is reading ‘The Midnight Zoo’ This book is really interesting as the story seems to mislead me. There is usually some kind of action me to interest me even further. I am happy with my choice of book. However, sometimes I find it hard to fit in enough time for reading. So far, I would recommend this book as it is turning out to be a great book. Matthew Reeve-Arnold is reading ‘Trash’ This book is interesting because of its setting and its surroundings. The beginning is a bit slow. Perhaps some more action could speed up the pace of the book. I read two or three books at the same time so sometimes I get confused about where I am in each of my books. Carl Parsons is reading ‘A Monster Calls’ This is a really fun book to read with a lot of scary, graphical pictures. It is fun to read because it is a really serious story with some funny bits in it. I am not having any problems reading it and the vocabulary used is for my age group. I would not change my book choice because it is very gripping. Moray Crossan is reading ‘Trash’ I have found ‘Trash’ to be a very interesting book. The only things that I would change about this book are the slow start and the fact that you have to concentrate really hard to understand the story. It is an adventure story and I do usually like these. Rosanna terry is reading ‘The Midnight Zoo’ My book is interesting because every page brings something different and completely new. If I had to change something I would probably not have the children as gypsies because they don’t fit into the story very well. I am very happy with my choice of book because it is mysterious and I always want to read on.
Posted on: 18 May 2012

Second Carnegie Meeting-New Members
Hello, I'm a new Carnegie group member, along with Harry Reynolds and Molly Bell. My name is David Kimber and I joined in this second meeting. I picked my book, Trash - Andy Mulligan, because on the blurb, it seemed like an adventurous story. I tend to prefer stories that are more based on adventure / action, as they seem to have more interesting things going on all the way through the book, as opposed to only small spots of all interesting bits. Molly Bell-I have choosen my book because it appealed to me as an intriguing book. When i read books my favorite genre is mystery and thriller. When I read books I have to like the cover of the book to choose it, so this is one of the many reasons why i chose this book. So far out of 10 we rate our books after Week 1 Lucy 8/10 Sarah 7/10 Michael 7/10 Moray 8/10 Matthew 8/10 Rosanna 7.5/10 Tom 6/10
Posted on: 14 May 2012

Mountfitchet Movement members and their chosen read...
Lucy Gibson “Reading is important because it gives you time to think. It increases your intelligence and helps you to understand all about life and imagination. I have chosen to read and review ‘my sister lives on the mantelpiece’ by Annabel Pitcher. The book’s bland and simple cover appealed to me. It made me wonder what interesting things I would discover inside.” Rosanna Terry “Reading is important to me because it makes me feel like I am in a completely different world. I get stuck into a book really quickly! I am reading and reviewing ‘The Midnight Zoo’ by Sonya Hartnett. This book has a dark and gloomy cover and no blurb. I am looking forward to discovering what it will be about.” Sarah Keefe “Reading is important because it is something you can do to pass the time. When you are reading if feels like you have been sat there for 10 minutes when it has really been half an hour. Time goes quickly when you are reading a good book. I have chosen ‘Small Change Stuart’ by Lissa Evans to read and review. It looks like a fun and exciting read. The front cover uses bright colours and cartoon illustrations. I hope the story will be as much fun.” Tahiyya Chawdhury “Reading is important because it helps you learn how to use new words and their meanings. Reading now can benefit you in later life. I am reading ‘My name is Mina’ by David Almond. I have chosen to review this book because I really enjoyed ‘Skellig’ by the same author. I would love to know more about why Mina does not go to a regular school.” Michael Brett “Reading means a lot to me as it gives me a chance to get away and be someone else. I love reading in my spare time and always look forward to returning to my reading adventure. I cannot wait to start reading ‘The Midnight Zoo’ by Sonya Hartnett. I am very open to reading any kind of fiction and I hope that I will not be disappointed.” Moray Crossan “I believe that reading is important because it expands your knowledge and widens your vocabulary. I am reading ‘Trash’ by Andy Mulligan. The character on the front of the book has been blacked out and that makes me wonder who they are and where they come from.” Carl Parsons “Reading is important because when you are bored it gives you something relaxing and enjoyable to do. You can never be bored if you are near a good book.” My choice of book to read and review is ‘A Monster Calls’ by Patrick Ness. The front cover shows a dark and gloomy setting with a scary shadow looming. I hope it is not too scary!” Matthew Reeve-Arnold “I enjoy reading because it lets you have access to a whole new world and show you experiences that you could never usually imagine. I am going to read ‘Trash’ by Andy Mulligan. Moray is reading it too and it will be nice for us to discuss and review the book together. Tom Duke “Language broadens how you use language and how you think about different things. My book choice is ‘Small Change Stuart’ by Lissa Evans. The front cover looks like a comic and it looks like a read that will be entertaining. Sarah is also reading this book; it will be interesting to see what we both think of it.
Posted on: 09 May 2012

MMCC starts Carnegie Today!
Today was our first initial meeting. There are six group members-three from Year 7 and three from Year 8. We had a discussion about what makes a good read and how we go about choosing a book to review. We explored how front covers are used to read and entice readers. Strangely enough, two members of the group changed there mind after basing their initial choice on the front covers only. We are meeting every week to share our thoughts and opinions on our chosen books.
Posted on: 08 May 2012