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Paradise Publishers

Killing Honour Review- Joshua Martin
Killing Honour was quite a good book. It had a thrilling start and middle, however, the further you got through it the more tedious it got to read the book. I felt like as I got through the book the author started running out of things to say. The characters we relatable, but faced different problems than most teenagers. The style the book is written in makes the book easy to read and more enjoyable. I enjoyed this book as a fun read but was slightly glad when it was over. I think the book was right for my age group and think that if you want something easy you should read it.
Posted on: 01 May 2012

Annabel Pitcher - My sister lives on the Mantlepiece
The events of the text are told from the perspective of a ten year old boy called Jaime; aka spider man. Over the course of the book he must struggle with the loss of a sister he cannot remember, the separation of his parents, his alcoholic father, a new house and school and the racial prejudice forced upon him by his father and school bullies. This is an extraordinary book which uses an innocent narrative voice to capture the daily struggle of those left behind after a tragedy. The plot is very easy to follow and adds to the charm of the story. The ending is believable and brings both laughter and tears to the reader. We can all certainly learn something from the bravery of this little boy. I would definitely recommend this book to children and adults, especially those who work and care for young people. A funny and heart warming page turner.
Posted on: 24 Apr 2012

Bracelet of Bones - Book review
I was very confused at how the characters all used English when they were mostly Vikings who couldn’t speak English. I got used to it as I realized that if the characters had spoken their language then it would have been a very boring and annoying book. The main character is a fourteen year old girl at the beginning who goes on a quest for about a year to find her father. On the way, she experiences many exiting things. The story begins very slowly and confusing but if you stay with it you are greatly rewarded. The writer tries to help things not be confusing by putting all the characters and a brief description of them in the front of the book. As I got into the book the plot got easier to follow and I became one with the story and become your own character. This greatly changed the plot as I felt as if I experienced it first hand, making it less predictable and more exiting. I finished this book happily; I give this book 4 stars and hope other people will feel the same as I do. I recommend this to all people who enjoy mythical books such as the last Olympians series. Mike Boucher
Posted on: 24 Apr 2012

1st Review! Dust Lands: Blood red Road
I really enjoyed this book! The adventurous and courageous characters seem to endlessly conquer the wratchs ahead of them naturally, and there's a lot of suprising and enticing stuff that will make you read uncontrollably till the very end. This book is amazing but not better that the 'Hunger Games', whith all due respect. I really liked how the author, Moira Young, creates an accent in the book, so when you read it the imagery is more apprehensive and definitely fun. The suspense is built up with precision, which is a next aspect I love. There's not much to dislike about this cunning book but I do have to say I disliked the accent at first because it was hard to read sometimes and catch on to; eventually I did catch on to it and actually it was exciting; makes you feel like you're actually that character. I would rate this book as four stars and recommend it to all teens who love the 'Hunger Games', as in other words: love the trill of adventure, mystery and love/romance.
Posted on: 23 Apr 2012

Pro's and Con's of cayman Islands
Pro- Warm and Sunny Con- Too hot in the summer! Pro-Beaches Con-Hurricanes Pro-Rum point (a beach were you can go kayaking etc.) Con- Very few good book stores Pro-Camana Bay (basicly an outdoor mall) Con- No mall Pro-Turtle Farm (artifical turtle habitats with other fun stuff) Con- traffic at five o'clock Pro- No interier taxes Con- Some places are pretty rural on the island Pro- Many restraunts Con- Bad drivers Hope that you liked it :)
Posted on: 20 Jan 2012