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Monkseaton Middle School
Tyne and Wear,

The Ask and The Answer
The Ask and The Answer is a book based on another world but with few differences to our own, if not in the present day then in the past or a future where we run out of resources. There has just been a war which unfortuanatly for the settlers was won by Mayor Prentiss. Todd and Viola, the main characters, enter the city of haven, now known as New Prentisstown, and are immediatly captured. Viola has a bullet wound and is taken to a house of healing while Todd is taken to the cathedral and taken prisoner. Todd is forced to work for Mayor Prentiss, but meanwhile after Viola heals she also is forced to do something but not for Mayor Prentiss but for Mistress Coyle. Viola trains to become a healer as she and Todd worry about each other. But what will happen when the whole house of healing dissapears and starts a secret bombing protest? Is Viola involved? Will they suceed in overthrowing Mayor Prentiss? Feel free to leave predictions but no spoilers if you've already read the book. This book has kept me hooked and never let go right from the start. What about you?
Posted on: 18 Jun 2010

The Graveyard
I have only just started to read this book. However, i am stuck in a couple of other book sat the moment, including Pig-Heart-Boy, Season Of Secrets and The Medusa Gene.
Posted on: 18 Jun 2010