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Carnegie shadowing week 1 2015
Hi! This is the first blog of our 2015 Carnegie blog. So far on our vote it is equal with Apple from Apple and Rain and Seth from More Than This. Only 2 people have voted and we need more people to vote to find the best character.
Posted on: 02 Jun 2015

Carnegie Week 5
Ok guys, I have decided that diligence will be my news years resolution......for May but still yep....not really sure how to save this one. Moving on... CARNEGIE WEEK 5 *Celebratory sounds* So what has really happened in this weeks session for Carnegie? Unfortunately I cannot be held accountable for the first 10 or so minutes as I was filling my water bottle with the best thing ever- SQUASH!!!!!! I hjonestly don't get how people don't like it...but anyways, wow I get distracted so easily. God again. Um....what was I saying? Oh yeah so I will retell the fascinating story from ten minutes in...shoot the bell, g2g guys....I will summarise...Crying, watching, discussing and many a LOL insight! Byeeeeee Abi and my fellow Carnegans (btw we have changed our names will text ya the deets) xxxx
Posted on: 08 May 2014

Week 4....2nd Blog (Sorry People)!!!
So....hmmm what to say? So first all I would like to apologise profusely for the lack of posts. I (Abigail Eve Wander) have not been at Carnegie for approximately two weeks (I AM A HORRIBLE PERSON) so therefore there have been no blogs :(. Now some happier news...Jcoss All Girl Army has finally been renamed!! *Drumroll please* duh duh duh duh duh duh duh duh duh Jcoss-They see me reading! Do you like it? (rhetorical question, answer mentally). The ofical candidates were: 1) The Jcoss Elite 2) The Jcoss Army 3) XOXO Jcoss Bookworm 4) Never trust a Jcoss Blindman 5) (WINNER) Jcoss- they see me reading I had a couple of ideas (They were struck off immediately- thank you Carnegie) 10 Steven 2) UnicornReading 3) (My personal fave) Booktime *Frustration* Now I am being told to leave Miss Politzer alone and go so................. BYEEEEEEEEEE Abi and the (newly named) Jcoss-they see me reading xxxx
Posted on: 01 May 2014

New Year at Carnegie!!
Hello to all you eager or maybe not so eager blog readers! Today it is week one of a new beginning. New Carnegie, new books, new members, a not so new classroom and a not so new teacher. So all in all its just new, new, new!!!! Probably the most new thing is we FINALLY have some male members, which is good for endless (a few...maybe one or two) reasons but the sad part is the All Girl Army must bid you farewell,as a new generation of carnegans (haha legend wording skills) have joined us to form......(INPUT NAME).....we will decide later. So lets think what have we accomplished today....hmmmm...So, to start I (Abi) introduced how Carnegie works to the new members. Then MORE came along so Miss Politzer said some stuff to them and I gave yet again an AMAZING introduction!! We all looked at the books and gave some feedback on what we thought looked good and......(RUDE INTERUPTION) Oh sorry I must go as the timer (metaphorical) has run out and I must leave Miss Politzer alone and go to my own classroom to bother my own teacher! Thank you for reading and I hope to see you (not literally) again. Your Sincerely Abi and the rest of the unnamed carnegie crew xxxx
Posted on: 03 Apr 2014

Well hello people! Yet again we are back, today there has been A LOT of kuffuffle, we have been sorting out our presentation! But I will come back to that later. We have had a miniture disscussion on the shortlisted books that we have read. Abi told us about In Darkness. - But I have run out of time to tell you any more sooo see you after the half term holiday. Thats all from the all girl army of readers!!!
Posted on: 24 May 2013

Bonjour chums, a diffrent voice today from the old women in the group, gaby and Rosie (rosie obviously deserves a capital). This week on All Girl Army Readers multiple farscicles took place. We began to give our overall reviews on the books (like every week) Gaby and Rosie (us) gave our thoughts so far on Maggot Moon which so far have been positive, just like Orli did but Ella who is in the midst of Standish's world is not enjoying or being gripped by whats happening. Ella and Charlotte both thought that The Weight of Water it was a great book of poems with a deeper meaning behind it; however, it was named as a light read. Orli is confused in Midwinter blood not knowing whether the boy is the dad or the helper of the man that loves that girl..... confusing right ?!?!?!?! but Ella said at the end of the book all will be cleared up. betwixt our busy scuedules of revision for our many exams next week the girls have not given up their mission. WE ARE AN ALL GIRL ARMY OF READEERRRRRSS!! till next next week ( sorry for the less amusing blog)
Posted on: 17 May 2013

'Tis 10 past 12, and 'tis time for the weekly blog. If chance will have me king, why, chance may crown me. Hooray. So, what happened, I hear you ask? Great tragedy (TRAGEDY, WHEN THE FEELING'S ON AND YOU CAN'T GO ON...TRAGEDY) occured, which will be explained later, but for now, here's our thoughts this week. Rosie got further with In Darkness, but found it incredibly boring. Sad Times. Gaby hadn't started Maggot Moon, so...not much to say there. So far, SO NOT GOOD, AS NO CONTROVERSIES HAVE ARISEN. Then we went to Charlotte, who displayed her like and slight confusion with the mother (typical mothers) in The Weight of Water. Then there was an awkward silence, and we were onto Ella, who told us she didn't particularly like Maggot Moon thus far. Orli exclaimed (well, more said, but 'tis a boring word) that she hadn't liked the start either, so Ella replied she would continue to persevere. Good use of BLP skills there, Ella. Congratulations. We moved onto Orli, who gave us a positive review of Midwinterblood, but had only read two and a bit parts. In a none rude way. She was also extremely confused as to why Eric was in love with his mother. Hm. Will report back next week with more info. Then we moved to Abi, who decided to follow in Orli's footsteps (or hand) and write a powerpoint displaying her thoughts on...I can't bear to type it out again so I have to a different title for it; Controversial. My favourite Carnegie word. She told us she found it funny but didn't find it to have a deeper meaning. She subsequently managed to offend every member of the group by representing them with an animal (Ella was an elephant) , and herself with a star. Thanks Abi! Core Blimey. It was a great powerpoint, so well done to Abi for making it. Other than that, Miss Politzer expressed her opinions on Midwinterblood, saying she was also enjoying it despite finding it confusing. Good all-round reviews for Midwinterblood, then. So, let's go through the books to see how many people have read them. R signifies 'Read', and G signifies 'gave up', and C signifies Currently reading. Maggot Moon: R C C A boy and a bear in a boat: R R R R R MidwinterBLOOOOOOD: R C C A greyhound of a girl: R R R R R In Darkness: C Wonder: G G G R R The weight of water: R R C Code name verity: G If there is another one, I have forgotten it. Apologies. Then, tragedy occured. *Forcing myself not to start singing*. It turned out that Gaby and Rosie may not be joining us again due to them being in blisteringly hot Israel. *Jealous*. So, sadly, this may be goodbye. But for now, on a more positive note, we started to film our video! Hazah! Hooray! It was the best of times, IT WAS NOT THE WORST OF TIMES BECAUSE WE ARE IN CARNEGIE!! After a lot of questions (thanks Ella), we were ready to roll, and filmed our video! That's all for now, folks, but see you soon, when 6 become 4! Sad faces all round! Orli on behalf of Carnegie xx THE ALL GIRL ARMY OF READERS
Posted on: 10 May 2013

Good afternoon, (15 minutes after 'afternoon', to be precise), and thank you very much for tuning into another episode of The JCoSS All Girl Army of Readers Blog. We got a short update from members of the group - Rosie told us she was thouroughly enjoying a separate trilogy, so hadn't got too much further with In Darkness, and Gaby updated us on her thoughts on Wonder - not too positive - sorry author! Abi had also given up on Wonder (the third in the group - scandalicious..kind of), and Ella, having finished Midwinterblood gave it a good review, saying it started really badly (nice and subtle) but got much better. Charlotte gave up on Code Name Verity, agreeing with lots of reviews on the interwebz that it was 'just a load of names and dates' - she said it got better, but not enough to keep her going. Code Name Verity is also on the We Read shortlist, and the Year Sevens thought the same - bearing in mind the shortlist is picked by adults, this is presumably the reason why. Orli told us about Maggot Moon - which she really enjoyed. It was fantastically written, and she is very excited to meet Mrs Author herself in due course. Miss Politzer also started Midwinterblood, but is yet to share her views. So far Wonder and A Greyhound of a Girl have got the most negative feedback, but still have positivity in some case - positivity is an important part in life, particularly in terms of the Carnegie Longlist. Today, we decided on the three books we will put forward in hope of doing a presentation on; Maggot Moon (which got great reviews from Orli and so two members of the group consequently picked up), A boy and bear in a boat, which was a popular choice due to the fact that it had such varied opinions in the group, and The Weight Of Water. Only two members of the group had read it, but had given it amazing reviews, so the rest of the group will read it soon too. Gaby and Ella took a copy of Maggot Moon, with Charlotte saying she wanted to read it soon, too (controversy number infinity - just a few weeks ago, this was the book that the majority of people *cough Ella Charlotte Abi* said they were most reluctant to read). Hehe. Name and shame. Orli took a copy of Midwinter Blood after Ella's great review, and after Miss Politzer's shocking revelation of enjoying A Boy and a bear in a boat equally as much as Orli (saying it was 'deceptively simple' -*Perfectly put - from Orli), Abi decided she would take it to read and make up her opinion in addition. Due to having a very tired soul, I'm not certain if I've missed someone out, so that's all... NO!! CHARLOTTE PREVEZER! CAN'T MISS HER OUT! NOOO! Charlotte did something extremely important; she took The Weight of Water. That's all. Also, the group finally figured out how to change our name and how to add an image (thank you Miss Politzer and your teacher login) and started to film our video. Miss Miller also came in, and decided to film us, leaving us very bemused and confused. Rhymes. *DING*. We still don't know what that was for. Well, dear friends, we must part with you for another week, and will meet again soon. Adios, Goodbye, Auf Wiedersehen, Shalom...etc. (Etc means I can't think of any more). A.G.A.O.F.J (Don't have the time to type it all out again. And as Abi would say, with a peace sign up, YOLO.)
Posted on: 03 May 2013

CARNEGIE 2013 Week 3
Good afternoon, dear readers. We are now, very excitingly, in our third week as an all girl army of readers! We have all been very busy reading Carnegie books (and secretly reading masses of others two, more on that later) and have developed strong opinions of love, hatred and a whole lot more. We started with Rosie; who gave us her views so far on In Darkness; which she liked so far, and gave us the update on the geographical book Miss Burton gave her, which she is also enjoying (thank you Miss Burton.) Then we mvoved to Gaby, who told us a little about Wonder. Abi agreed that it wasn't that gripping, and even revealed exclusively that, shock of all shocks, she may stop reading it! Orli added her voice to the scene, exclaiming that she had also put it down a few months ago. It appeared the group were not enjoying Wonder; yet another controversy to add to the mix. Ella and Charlotte told us about how they thouroughly enjoyed Wonder, with Charlotte adding how she had read it (along with Salted - AMAZING BT-dubs!) on the beach (making us very jealous). We moved on to Orli who told us a little about Maggot Moon, which she was enjoying thus far, (and will hopefully continue to enjoy, since it would frightfully awkward to meet Sally Gardner if not,) and told us about two books she'd been reading - Paper Aeroplanes and Red Ink. We moved on to Charlotte, who expressed her opinions on Code Name Verity. Charlotte told us how at first she had thought it was only really dates and names but how now she was enjoying it more, and we then moved onto Ella, who expressed her opinions on Midwinter Blood; which to the suprise of the group, she was not enjoying. *All silently gasp.* Apparently, our half-member Talia has been reading it, too, so we will catch up on her opinions next week. Ella also told us about her finishing of Fractured (second book is Slated series), which caused a huge stir between the group. ANOTHER CONTROVERSY. WHEN WILL THEY END?! We moved to Abi, who told us about Wonder, and then triggered a huge 10 minute discussion of the I was Jane Austen's Best Friend series, which caused a lot of fangirling from Abi and Orli, and made us talk about covers, too. After that, Miss Politzer enlightened us on her opinions on Roddy's Doyle's novel which she was not enjoying, and we planned our new video! Woo hoo, excitedness galore! Orli went off to do this blog (she is currently tip-tapping away), and the rest of the group began to plan our (hopefully) Oscar Winning video. Well, sadly, that is it from another week at All Girl Army of Readers Army (a.k.a Miss Politzer's Room, and we will see you next time! Tarrah! (Think that's how you spell it.) JCOSS
Posted on: 26 Apr 2013

CARNEGIE 2013 Week 1&2!
Hello, dear readers of the JCoSS All Girl Army Carnegie Shortlist Enrichment 2013 Readers! (A little bit of a mouthful!) We are now in our second week, so we will quickly update the internet on what happened last week. Friday 12th April 2013 Our first meeting! After our new huge group of four sat down (and told around a thousand people that no, their Enrichment option of Film Festival was NOT in this room), we started discussing the Carnegie Shortlist. Some of us had read a few of the books, but we were all extremely intrigued by Carnegie. The question was; who would be the mystery author? Charlotte and Ella were extremely negative about A boy in a bear in a boat. "It has no plot, it was boring," they said. So, Orli decided to give it a try for next session. Abi decided to take Wonder to give it a try, since it had had positive feedback, and Miss Politzer decided to be a Greyhound of a Girl sort of girl (see what I did there?!), and the session was over before it began. Sad face. 19th April 2013 Well, today was a great session. We had two new arrivals (although that sounds a little like an airport), namingly Gaby and Rosie. Orli gave her (much too long) view on A boy and a bear in a boat, which she absolutely loved., causing controversy to the group!!! Our new members chose from our selection of books, and Miss Politzer gave us her views on A Greyhound of A Girl, saying it didn't grip her. Controversy number two. We updated our group page, and our blog (obviously,) and found out that the author at Carnegie was going to be Sally Gardner. Some members of the group were more excited then others. And with that...the session was over before it began. 'Til next week! I won't type our whole name out again, so... Take care, JCoSS.
Posted on: 19 Apr 2013

Between Shades of Grey Review
I think that this book is really a star read. Not only does it grip you with action, it really moves you emotionally, in a way which is not found in many books. Sepetys' way of using language to put through an opinion, feeling, or narration makes you want the book to never end, although you are on the edge of your seat waiting to find out what happens at the end! However, there is still a touch of reality in the story-line, really making you think about how war would have been, and unfortunately, how it still is out there, threatening to return to us. Overall, a fantastic book, I would recommend it to all readers looking for an action packed yet emotional story. 10/10 By Molly
Posted on: 22 May 2012

A Monster Calls
This book is a bit of an all-rounder. It has a reasonably good story, quite good characters and humor, and it leaves a good message at the end. The book stars 13 year old Conor, whose mum is sick and is troubled by reoccurring nightmares. At the beginning of the book, a monster does appear, but its not the one from his nightmares. The monster ends up helping conor cope with his family problems. I said at the beginning that it was an all-rounder, and this is kind of a good thing. This book is really good, but its a sort of 'Jack of All Trades, Master of None' book.
Posted on: 06 May 2012

Between Shades of Gray... Finally!
Almost everyone else in my group has read this, and everyone rated it highly, so I will try to do it justice. The book is about a girl called Lina, who is deported from Lithuania to Siberia by the Soviets during WW2. Along the way she finds love, friendship but most of all the sheer cruelty of the soviets. After I finished this book, I wasn't too sure what to make of it. It seemed to me that the book didn't have much besides an extreme amount of emotional tugging. But, is that a bad thing? These things did happen in real life, and I think that this book is an excellent and touching chronicle of the horrors of war. I also think that it is believable yet amazingly horrible, unlike the midnight zoo for example because it was too unbelievable. Above all, I think that this book does a superb job of telling its story, and reminding us that this should never happen again.
Posted on: 05 May 2012

Trash Review
This is a really great book. It involves three friends living on a huge pile of trash in the (made up) city of Behala. These three boys (they are called Raphael, Gardo and Rat) end up finding a bag which belongs to someone the police are looking for. As they start to uncover his trail, they learn more about what he did and they quickly realise that they are in over their heads. I liked this book because of the fast pace. The storyteller (it shifts between the three boys and some other characters) will always hint at something happening before it does, which makes you keep wanting to turn the pages to find out what happens. I will say though, that the book is divided up into lots of parts, and these are interrupted by narration changes, that the book feels a bit stop-start. However despite that, it is still a really good book and I highly recommend it.
Posted on: 30 Apr 2012

The Midnight Zoo Review
This book is very weird. It seems to act as a sort of fable for war, as it describes two young boys and a baby girl wandering the streets of a bombed town, before finding a zoo full of animals. You don’t know very much at the beginning of the story, and that is where the book excels, by filling in the gaps. You keep reading because you want to know what happened to both the boys and the animals, rather than what is going to happen to them. And then, just as you think that a turning point is going to come in the story near the end of the book, it gets really odd. The children and animals enter a sort of dream-like state, and it is shown how they could be free, but never will. I think that this book could have benefited from being a bit longer. The end of the book leaves you feeling a bit bewildered rather than amazed, and you have to read the last few pages again to make sense of the ending. Another chapter to tie up the loose ends might have been better. But maybe the writer of this book didn’t want it to me normal. War is so horrible, that maybe no ordinary book can describe it. It takes something as weird and wonderful as this book to grasp it. So in the end, I think that this is not an ordinary book, and if it is it’s not a very good one, but it is weird, and it is strange, and maybe you don’t understand it, but that is where its charm lies.
Posted on: 30 Apr 2012

Everybody Jam Review
Not that many people like this book in our group-but I do! Here it is: Everybody Jam is set in the Australian outback, on a cattle ranch called Timber Creek. The Protagonist is 13 year old Danny Dawson. His older brother Jonny was killed in an accident last year, and the farm had been subdued ever since. The book starts with Danny’s 14 year old sister becoming pregnant. This means that the baby will be born in the middle of the cattle muster, which Danny has been looking forward to. His dad takes in a camel, which Danny tries to train so he can use him in the muster. However, the weather is getting hotter and with the baby stirring up fears for the Dawsons, the drought affecting the muster, and their new ‘Pommie girl’ housemaid stirring up the past, cracks begin to show in Danny’s plan. I think that this book is very clever, as it shows the problems a pre-teen has with life, trying to understand everything whilst keeping their ideas on track. The author uses Jonny to add emotional connection and to give Danny something to fight for. I think that the housemaid is the best character in the book, as she manages not only to provide some comedy moments, but also to help the Dawsons recover from their loss and look to the future. I also think that the muster is a very good climax to the book, and you will be stuck to the story to the end.
Posted on: 30 Apr 2012

A Monster Calls review
A Monster Calls is brilliant, I think. It's descriptive, interesting and unexpected - I mean, look at the front cover. It looks kind of like a horror/action book, but when you pick it up the stories of love and fantasy enthrall you. However, I do think that the pictures you find throughout it distract you from the plot a little, as they are completely pointless. I think that using Siobhan Dowd's idea and creating a novel from it is a really difficult thing to do, however, Patrick Ness has done so almost to the point of perfection. Overall, a thrilling, yet touching book and, from the words of Meg Rosoff, it is 'harrowing, lyrical, and transcendent.' I would recommend it to all. 9/10, by Molly
Posted on: 28 Apr 2012

My Sister Lives on the Mantlepiece by Annabel Pitcher
This is definitely my favourite books out of the ones I have read, because although I cannot directly relate my life to the book, there are some aspects of it that I feel I can make a comparison with. When reading the book I could understand the young boys the situation- the sense of not understanding and a very open sense of naivety. "My sister Rose lives on the mantelpiece. Well some of her does. Three of her fingers, her right elbow and her knee cap are buried in a graveyard in London." The opening is extremely poignant and grabs you in as soon as you open the book- I like the fact that Pitcher reveals what happens to Rose throughout the book, it keeps you guessing. At the middle of the book it is revealed that Rose has been blown up by terrorists in an attack in Trafalgar Square, leaving behind a father, mother, twin sister and younger brother, Jamie. Their family life disintegrates under the weight of the grief, anger and misery of the tragedy. Their mum runs off with support worker Nigel, and Jasmine and Jamie are left to alcoholic father. The father, even years after the explosion, keeps an urn containing most of Rose on the mantelpiece. Throughout the book you can see his attachment with the urn grow- it is more as if he likes the idea of the urn being close, more than the actual ashes inside of it. He is a racist and blames all of British woes on Muslims- this becomes a problem when Jamie meets a girl at school called Sunya. I found the book especially moving when Jamie's cat, Roger was killed because he will cry over a cat but can't do that for his sister. I would definitely recommend this book to everyone. By Lucinda
Posted on: 28 Apr 2012

Between Shades of Gray- Review
Between Shades of Gray is different. Not in a bad way- in a spectacular way. Most books we read grip us because they're full of zombies and bad guys and blood and gore. Between Shades of Gray keeps you reading in a very different way. It's easy to come up with a fast paced story line full of guns and gadgets. It is far harder to find a way of emotionally connecting with the reader. When a book is filled with so much thought and feeling, that the emotions of the characters become indistinguishable from your own, you know you're onto a winner. And thats exactly what Ruta Septys's book does. Sepetys didn't take the easy way out when writing her book, by just handing the main character a bunch of neat gadgets. Between Shades of Gray grips you because it makes you think. It makes you you feel every moment of love, loss, hope and hardship right along with Lina. When a book grips you and pulls you into it's world through it's characters eyes, you know you are holding something very special. And that is exactly why Shades of Gray is so fantastic. The Bottom Line: A fantastic, emotionally trying, and generally beautiful book. A fantastic debut young adult novel from Ruta Sepetys. Rating:9/10 By Nik.
Posted on: 26 Apr 2012

I have a problem...
I can't decide which book to favour?? I have three that I've read, but I can't quite decide. What's your favourite out of these and why? A Monster Calls My Sister Lives on the Mantelpiece Between Shades of Grey Thanks! From, A. Troubled Reader
Posted on: 24 Apr 2012