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Starting the book!
I cant wait to start reading the midnight zoo. I think I will enjoy the book, espesially that I am reading it with friends.
Posted on: 21 Apr 2012

My sister lives on the mantelpiece
I think this book was extremely well crafted and the way Annabel Pitcher wove her words into the story was great. Even though it was quite a sad book it created an image of everyday life with people dying and sadness falling. A really good novel and i cant wait to read others by Annabel Pitcher
Posted on: 19 Apr 2012

Books Books Books and Books
Really enjoying reading the Carnegie Books. I really like Small Change For Stuart
Posted on: 18 Apr 2012

Book Group
I am really looking forward to reading in a group because at home I always read alone and it seems really fun. Also I am looking forward to reading different genres of books that I normally read.
Posted on: 17 Apr 2012

Books, books and more books!!
I am looking forward to starting in the book group as I really enjoy reading andi would like to do it in a goup rather than alone as when I read alone it seems to be quite boring.
Posted on: 17 Apr 2012

We're all set for our holiday reading...
Heading off Easter with the short listed books - can't wait to start reading them!
Posted on: 29 Mar 2012

i'm looking forward in reading "my sister lives on the mantelpiece"
Posted on: 29 Mar 2012