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BGS Shadowers
Welling, Kent

A Quick Update...
This week we planned our presentation. We began by brainstorming our presentation style, and by the end of the meeting we came up with a final plan. We based it around the most popular book, Salt To The Sea (by Ruta Sepetys), and we hope it impresses everyone who see's it. We look forward to meeting all of the other schools at the award ceremony who also took part in the award. We also look forward to seeing what they have produced, and can't wait to see the winning book and author. We wish the best to all the books in the running, especially Ruta's! This week we had some brilliant biscuits, with an array of: custard creams, digestives and bourbons. The inventor of all these treats must be one smart cookie! Next week w- Oh crumbs! Got to go! (See what we did there...) -Olivia & Brook
Posted on: 07 Jun 2017

An update on this week
This week we started planning how we were going to be presenting our presentation on our favorite book at the Carnegie meeting we will be attending on the 19th of June with all of the other Bexley schools who have participated in judging the award.There we will hear the winner of the competition as well as seeing the other schools presentations, so we will see you then! Oh- we almost forgot, this week we had some yummy bananas and iced buns, as well as chocolate filled brioche! -Olivia & Brook
Posted on: 24 May 2017

We skyped Ruta this week!
As the title suggests, this week's meeting was very exciting, as we got to Skype with Ruta Sepetys, the brilliant mind behind one of the nominated books "Salt to the Sea". We hope you enjoy this extra long blog to make up for missing last week! The members of the group are having trouble deciding what they like better, the author or the book! Ruta was very helpful and answered all of our questions, some related to the book, others not so much... ("If you could be any book, what book would you be?") Those who have read the book discovered how all the tiny details fitted into place, from digits marking Hitlers birthday to real life cases being documented into the book. Those who hadn't were prompted to read it even more. Now that we are quite far in, we have read quite a few of the books, and were able to warn Ruta that she has some tough competition! In terms of snacks, we had caramel and chocolate doughnuts with crisps. Guess Ruta isn't the only thing with competition! Next week could provide a new entry in the competition for our favorite snack choices, so we'll see you then! -Brook and Olivia
Posted on: 17 May 2017

What we've done this week :)
This week we continued working on our videos from last week, which, only if we can keep a straight face, should be posted soon. As usual we reviewed the books we had read that week, and our page allowed people to show their support via our poll. Up until the third of May Salt To The Sea was winning with a total of 6 votes, however, since then The Smell Of Other Peoples Houses has taken the lead. We have posted a few reviews on our page also, written by members of our group, and we imagine the number will grow soon! However, on a different note, snacks this week consisted of muffins, strawberries and blueberries, with cookies hinted for next week (yum!) We'll see you then! -Brook & Olivia
Posted on: 04 May 2017

What we've accomplished so far!
Thanks to everybody's hard work and enthusiasm towards the meetings, we are proud of how much we have accomplished, and demolished in terms of food... This week we began working on new videos which will be appearing on our page soon. These include some interesting acting, some funny interviews and some hilarious impressions. Not only this but we have made a huge improvement in the food department thanks to the online poll (doughnuts, strawberries and bananas this week, yum!) We will continue to keep you posted for the weeks to come, so see you then! -Brook & Olivia
Posted on: 26 Apr 2017

What do we do?
We regularly hold meetings in our school library where we discuss the nominated books we have read and then review them. We aim to read a new book every week, which is very easy as all the books are page-turners! Every meeting is full of exciting book talk where we share our opinions and love of the books. Everybody involved shares one thing in common; a passion for books (and cake) Our meetings are very exciting and involve all kinds of treats :) So basically, all BGS Shadowers meetings involve a lot of yummy food... oh yeah and a tiny bit of reading. -Brook & Olivia
Posted on: 19 Apr 2017