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Neatherd High
Dereham, Norfolk

This year all the books have been amazing! If it was up to me to choose the winner I would certainly have a tough decision ahead of me. My Favorite book this year was The stars at oktober bend. I think that this book really deserves to win but i don't think it will. This is down to the way the book is written. I really like the poetic feel and the way the book is narrated however I don't think other people will appreciate that as much as I do. So in order to combat this I think that Wolf Hollow will win because both the plot line and development of character are excellent.
Posted on: 15 Jun 2017

This year's Carnegie books
This year we have really enjoyed the Carnegie and we felt that all the books we read were really good and any of them could win. However both of us feel that Salt To The Sea should win as we felt it was the best book overall and the research that must of gone into it was amazing. We were also shocked that we had never heard of it when more people died than in the Titanic and it played such a huge part in the war. In addition we loved that the four characters with different stories and how they were all brought together. Our second favorite was Bone Sparrow because you don't learn about the tragedies that happened in the camps. Overall all the books were really good and we enjoyed all the ones we read. Naomi and Grace Why did I get involved in the Carnegie shadowing group? Why do it three years in a row? In my opinion the Carnegie book group is a great way to socialise with people who feel the same way you do about books. This year I am the most experienced student in the Carnegie shadowing group. I think it is important to share the experiences you can gain from books and have spent many hours persuading people to join the group! In answer to my question why come to Carnegie it is a fun and enjoyable way to spend lunch times in the library. In year 7 I thought it would be a good way to become more sociable with people. In year 8 I came back wanting more and ventured into the unknown realm of other genres and ended up reading all eight books (I was the only person to do that). Now in year 9 i want to again read all eight books and delve into the depths of new genres that I haven't read before. This is the joy of the Carnegie book group. To make it even better you get cake to enjoy, all whilst debating about why books were good or not.
Posted on: 24 Apr 2017

Our Wining Vote
The top 3 were; The Ghosts Of Heaven One The Lies We Tell Ourselves We have enjoyed the whole Carnegie experience because it had made us read books we wouldn't normally read and we also liked being part of a diverse group of students and discussing our thoughts on the books while eating cake. We enjoyed reviewing the books so that other people can also enjoy them.We are looking forward to seeing who the winner is.
Posted on: 16 Jun 2016

This year for the Carnegie at Neatherd I have read One this book will tug on your emotions in a way that is really clever but also different to any book i have read because it is written in poems so it is a quick and easy read. I am reading the Lie Tree at the moment I am really excited to see the characters develop.
Posted on: 15 Apr 2016