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Apple and Rain
The 1st carnegie book had been finished... by me! Apple and Rain is an interesting read. I have sent my review ready for my group leader to check. Hopefully, it will be posted! (It's super long though...) - Sophie
Posted on: 21 Apr 2015

The books we're reading
We've all started to read a book each: Ms Storey is reading 'When Mr Dog Bites', Adam is reading 'The Middle of Nowhere', Ella is reading 'More Than This', Cam is reading 'Tinder', and I am reading 'Apple and Rain'. We are all enjoying the books so far, even though some are rather depressing (according to Ella and Ms Storey). Hopefully, we'll each be able to read all of them! - Sophie <><
Posted on: 20 Apr 2015

Easter reading
While we are waiting in this torturous state of limbo, we have decided to tell you about the books we read over Easter! Ella read 'The Biography of Dave Grohl', which she thought was "excellent because it gave me an insight into the mind of a rock star! It was good to know how Foo Fighters started." Ella also started to read 'More Than This'. Adam continued to read 'After Tomorrow', which won the Concorde Book Awards this year. He thought it was "good." Cam read 'The Kill Order'. He thought it was "depressing but good." I read 'Deep Blue', an exciting book about six mermaids who are called to go on a special quest to find 6 talismans. They have to find these before the death riders find them... otherwise the great monster Abbadon will be released! It was a very exciting read. I recommend it to teen girls. But make sure you have the 2nd book 'Rogue Wave' handy, because it ends on a cliffhanger! Ms Storey read 'The Son'. She thought that it was "thrilling because it told the tale of an imprisoned man who was desperate for revenge, at any cost!" We are all looking forward to reading the Carnegie books next week! Hope you all had a great Easter, because we did! - Sophie
Posted on: 13 Apr 2015

We have just received the shortlist and are looking forward to reading the books (while eating cookies). We think there are a few good looking ones on there, particularly Apple and Rain. Cuckoo Song looks good but a bit creepy! The only one we currently have in our school library is More than This, so Ella is getting started on that today - our lovely librarian, Mrs Helme, is going to order the rest for us so we can get cracking! (EASTER! CRACKING!! GET IT?!??!)
Posted on: 23 Mar 2015

week two in the Carnegie Abbeywood house
Everyone is busy typing our reviews for the books we have read. Here are our top 3 books: 1) WONDER 2) CODE NAME VERITY 3) MIDWINTERBLOOD I have only read Midwinterblood but I can't wait to read Wonder because Ms Storey recommended it to me! Hope everyone who reads this has fun reading the books! Happy Reading! Sophie
Posted on: 14 May 2013