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Barton Court Grammar

Hey again! Thhe latest news from Rhonin- he doesn't understand the jokes from The Death Defying Pepper Roux though he tells me he once knew a horse who talked about soap too and asks me if it is the same horse. I have told him that it probably is not as it is a fictional story but he wants to ask Geraldine if she's ever met a horse like that. We need to teach the leopard/alien thing what FICTION is! Just the other day he said to me: Jess, I think if I met Wilf he'd give me a prize. I didn't bother asking him a prize for what but it was probably something strange. Currently, Rhonin is also enjoying Out of Shadows though he says he found it scary. I have to read it with him now or he gets too frightened. Please do let Rhonin know what you think of Monsters of Men, The Death Defying Pepper Roux and Out of Shadows! Bye from me and Rhonin! Jess -x-
Posted on: 17 May 2011

Hey, Jess here! I'm Rhonin's official book blogger because he can't type! =P Currently, Rhonin loves Cloud Tea Monkeys because (so he tells me) he used to know a monkey called Bee. I'm not quite sure how true this is - Rhonin has not really been to the jungle before - but perhaps one of the other toys? Rhonin also recommends reading RHONIN'S ADVENTURES which he insists is a published best-seller. I recommend you try reading books that actually EXIST but there we have it! Rhonin urges you to join us next week and find out more about his books! See you then! Love Jess and Rhonin :)
Posted on: 09 May 2011

Stop The Comparisons!!!
Harry Potter and Twilight are completely different stories!!!! For one, they both may be good, but Harry Potter has more depth - even Stephen King said so!! Stop the comparisons and the comments about 'Twilight is the next Harry Potter' because they are nothing like each other, more people hate Twilight than Harry Potter and they can never be properly compared!!! Please stop because there is no way to decide between them as each person has their own preference!!!
Posted on: 05 May 2011

Loads of New Books I'm Reading
Heyy, it's Ellie. I am reading lots of new books at the moment, including some from the Carnegie Award Shortlist!! The shortlist has recently been announced and I love the sound of most of the books. I am reading the Prisoner of the Inquisition by Theresa Breslin. It is set in Spain in the 14-1500s. I'm almost halfway through and loving every minute. I am also reading the Knife of Never Letting Go, the first book in The Chaos Walking series. The third book is Monsters of Men, which is in the shortlist too!!!!! I only wish I had more time to read! Bi, and keep on reading!!! ;-)
Posted on: 04 May 2011

Posted on: 04 May 2011

Hells Heroes !!!!!!! By Darren Shan
This was the final book of the dramatic series, involving demons. This final book unravels the tale, let's say a bit about the whole series first, which excites you with terror, sadness and huge thrills. Be prepared to be surprised throughout the series. As I said this book unravels the whole series, without letting too much out, Bec has turned to lord loss concluding that they cannot save the world, the demons are too powerful. Grubbs uncle died and praticaly has no family left, Kernal was blinded by grubbs, because he tried to go to the old ones last planet, which included a species from all the planets in the universe. It all seems bad, the human race is dying and coming into a fast extinction. To their horror demons are getting smarter and coming in thousands, can kernal and grubbs get bec back and attempt to save the world, or will they fail. I know, but I will leave you to find out :) Lets just say its very clever and that you should be quite surprised......
Posted on: 26 May 2010

Artemis Fowl, Karl Pilkington and why we have been waiting over 3 years for a new dav pilkey book
Artemis Fowl's new book will be available late July according to, Karl Pilkington'ss new book 'happyslapped by a jellyfish' is hilarious as any of karl's works and I have no idea why we have been waiting over 3 years and am unaware of when the next one will be out, there should be a new one as the previous book ended in a good cliffhanger? I HAVE NO IDEA WHEN IT WILL BE OUT!!! Danny
Posted on: 12 May 2010

Percy Jackson is nothing like Harry Potter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ☺☻♥☻☺☺☻♥☻☺
Ugh!!!!!!!!!! Why can't anyone see that the two book series are completely different!!!!!!!!!! Here I go.... Since when did Harry Potter vapourise his maths teacher? Since When did Harry Potter even have a maths teacher? Since when did Harry Potter have a pen that turned into a sword? Since when did Harry Potter have Poseidon as his dad? Since when did Harry Potter have a Greek god as a parent? Since when did Harry Potter even think about Greek gods? Since when did Harry Potter fight Greek mythical monsters? Since when did Harry Potter have a cyclops for a brother? Since when did Harry Potter even have a brother? Since when did Harry Potter know Greek? Since when did Harry Potter go to Mount Olympus? Since when did Harry Potter go into the Labyrinth? Since when did Harry Poter go to the underworld? Since when did Harry Potter hold up the sky? ♥ Since when did Percy Jackson use magic? Since when was Percy Jackson a wizard? Since when did Percy Jackson fight Voldemort? Thank you very much, that clears that up. ☺☻♥☻☺ ☺☻♥☻☺ Charlotte ☺☻♥☻☺ ☺☻♥☻☺
Posted on: 31 Mar 2010

People, I was reading this immense book and I enjoyed it so much I'm blogging about it. woooooo. If you like dark romance kind of books, this is definitely the book for you. I am currently reading this book for the 2nd time because I love it so much, even though I know what's going to happen!!! This book is about a single soul surivor and still sees the ghost of her little sister, and may need some re assurance about her school life. As from the accident, she will need as much help as she can get as she is now living with her aunt and has no one else to turn to. But falling in love with a star strucking boy who reveals terrible a dark secret..... Isabelle, Year 7
Posted on: 31 Mar 2010

Solace of the road by Siobhan Dowd
This is an AMAZING book about a teenage girl who is determined to go back to Ireland and find her mother, convinced that her mother was kind and carin g towards her, but along the way her memory comes crashing back and she realizes that her mother was not as good to her as she thought...... I really enjoyed this book and I recommend to anyone who likes to read - you won't be able to put it down!!!! :) :). Laura, Year 7
Posted on: 31 Mar 2010

The saga of Darren Shan!!!!
I am up to book ten of the twelve books in this fantastic series! I can't give too much away but this series is quite sad and confusing at first but when you get into the series it's full of adventure and twists. I mean it when there are lots of twists, Darren Shan generally writes like that - he has done this in the Demonata series which is also very gripping and exicting! Some of the books left me so shocked and suprised I had to read the next one. It's a great series!!!! I highly recommend it, be warned though they are very shocking books! :). Molly, Year 7
Posted on: 31 Mar 2010

Air Man
Hi, this is Oliver making a quick review on Air Man by Eoin Colfer. I have only read about 100 pages of this but I already think this is a great book for boys and perhaps some girls. It is sort of like Artemis Fowl except it's about escaping by flight,not dangerous faires it's sometime in the 17th century and the main character is not a multi-millionaire.
Posted on: 06 May 2009

☺♥☺The Declaration ☺♥☺
Hi, I'm Charlotte and I have been reading 'The Declaration'. It's an awesome book about life in the future. There is rationing with energy and scientists have found a drug that enables you to live forever. This means that no-one can have any babies. Some people do though, and then their children are found, and taken away to 'surplus halls' where they are treated very badly and trained to think that you are a burden on mother nature and must work to pay it off. I found it very good and entertaining.
Posted on: 01 Apr 2009

Students of BCGS meet Stephen Baird!
Stephen Baird is a really great person and to hear from him in person was super!The press came to take some pictures of his visit and these will shortly feature in the Kentish Gazette. Our librarian also displayed some pictures on the notice boards just outside the library. Stephen's visit really encouraged the 3 classes that he talked to to read 'Fire in the straw' and to get into writing. He talked to us about inspiration that he had for his book and one book club student, Oliver, asked him if he was inspired by the Alex Rider series because the main characters in both books were thrown into a situation that they did not want to be in, to which he replied "I suppose you could say that but they are in kind of different situations but I haven't actually read the series." He also used props to give us an idea of how he was inspired such as a medieval helmet and an articulated wooden snake, to give us an idea of how one of the weapons in the book works. He went on to talk about the three learning styles and overall it was very interesting. One student sent an e-mail to Mr Baird asking if he thought the book would be made into a film and he replied, saying that he hoped there would be a film - fingers crossed! At the end of the visit students were given a badge which held the statement: 'I went to Loxeter on World Book Day 2009'. BCGS were also given a sneak peek of the sequel, The Harvest Lord!
Posted on: 04 Mar 2009