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Reaction to the final decision
We are all slightly surprised at the decision to make A Monster Calls the winner because none of us rated it as our favorite book, the general consensus being that either My Sister Lives on the Mantle Piece or Trash would win. In addition, the main character, Conner, didn't get any votes in our 'fave character' poll and we have judged this as being due to his rather shallow character which you wouldn't really be able to imagine in a situation different to that described in the book.
Posted on: 15 Jun 2012

Between the Shades of Gray by Eleanor
When I read this book I couldn't put it down and as I read I felt the experience and feelings Lina must of been having. To be honest I've never been so shocked in reading. I couldn't believe why people would do such a thing to others. It was a truly an amazing book.
Posted on: 11 May 2012