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The Kate Greenaway Award Big Book Battle
We are currently looking at the Kate Greenaway award picture books to decide which one would be best to read to younger children. Each session we will put one book against another to battle it out and see which is best. Big Book Battle 1: Wolf Won't Bite v Solomon Crocodile Alex (9) and Holly (9) read both books and looked at the story and artwork to decide which was best. Wolf Won't Bite by Emily Gravett The book was full of good drawings that were appropriate for the target age. It had its own style but was not especially distinctive. The art fit in well with the story but there was a lack of consistency of quality in the middle of the book. The layout was a little confusing in places with the text sometimes looking like it stretched across the pages. Both girls felt that children would definitely be drawn in by the book and that it would be enjoyable for older readers as well as younger. The front cover was big, bright and bold but the back cover looked a little bit sad. The book looked attractive and exciting but suffered by not having a proper descriptive blurb on the back. Solomon Crocodile by Catherine Rayner The girls were not as captivated by the artwork in this book, describing it as looking like a 'packet of paints exploded'. They felt it was too spotty, not as visually interesting and looked like 'something my granddad would do'. The artistic style was distinctive but not especially creative and did not work well with the story. The consistency of the artwork was the same throughout and the layout of the text was clear and good but the font looked too posh for the artwork. There was a lot of text prompting comments that, as a storybook to read to children, it may be too long and too hard to keep them interested. The front cover wasn't very attractive, as the crocodile looked ugly and the book would probably only appeal to boys and animal lovers. Verdict: The Wolf did bite; it chomped up Solomon Crocodile and won easily Winner: The Wolf Won't Bite Holly will be taking both books for some real life testing so check back next time for the results. Alex will be looking at a Carnegie Medal shortlist book 'My Sister Lives on the Mantelpiece' Next Sessions Big Book Battle: Puffin Peter v Can We Save The Tiger
Posted on: 21 Apr 2012