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Appleton Bookworms
Appleton, Oxon

Third meeting.....
and some of the readers are racing through the text. From those who read My Name is Mina - an overall vote of favour. Although most confessed that they did not necessarily read all of the nonsense text. The general consensus was that the differening text, the extraordinary activities and the blank pages were thought provoking. The Midnight Zoo, from those who have read it, has been enjoyed by all bar one. The same goes for Small Change for Stuart. Enjoyed by the majority but one reader could not engage with the characters. Now to get the reveiws on to the web page!!
Posted on: 11 May 2012

First meeting
Who knew about Carnegie I asked? Well, he's a man and he is something to do with books was the response. Spot on - but there's a little more to it as well. Anyone heard of Kate Greenaway? No-one. We are a group of avid 11 years old reading a mixture of both. We can't read all the Carnegie as some are not suitable so we've chosen (so far) Small Change for Stuart, The Midnight Zoo and my name is Mina. We will also be reading some from the Greenaway shortlist. We spent our first meeting talking about Carnegie and Greenaway, about the awards and about what the judges look for. Books were distributed and we meet next Tuesday to discuss what we think so far!
Posted on: 04 May 2012

Today is the day
Today is the first meeting of our group. We will be choosing the books and looking forward to getting started.
Posted on: 01 May 2012