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Carnegie Greenaway awards ceremony
Yesterday, we were very fortunate to attend the Carnegie Greenaway awards ceremony. We recieved many autographs such as: David Almond, Patrick Ness, Annabel Pitcher, Jim Kay, Viviane Schwarz, Walker and Puffin book publishers. Travelling to the Barbican, which was on the train, the walk was exceedingly short. Meeting the first author, many more autographs filled our books. The authors and illustrators were very friendly when we asked for their autograph. They also liked to be in photographs which we took using our cameras/phones. We were very delighted to see that Patrick Ness and Jim Kay won the Carnegie Kate Greenaway award. As a group, we thought that this book was a sensational, Interesting masterpiece
Posted on: 15 Jun 2012

The Dragons Den
This week we have produced a video about people persuading the judges to read their books. There were four dragons; there were four contenstants as well as judges. In the future we will update the video post and you can see how we developed our skills.
Posted on: 01 Jun 2012

Sharing books
Next week we are planning to share our picture books with the younger children. We have: There are no cats in this book, Solomon crocodile and Can we save the tiger? We decided that the little children can have a narrator because they need an interperator to understand the words in the story which can help them in their future. We have organised a film crew so that we can screen our lessons on our page. Abdul, Zaid, Ruhaan and Rogash, are taking part in our club book saints. Hopefully in the future we can post it on to our website. To see our schools page:
Posted on: 25 May 2012