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My Name is Mina
This is my book review on my name is Mina by David Almond is a good book. Although it is not the type of book that I would normally read, I quite enjoyed it. My name is Mina is about a girl who doesn't really fit in at her school and so she is home-schooled by her mum. Mina's dad died when she was little. During the course of the book, she talks about what goes on in her life. I would recommend this book. By Elize.
Posted on: 30 May 2012

Our review on Trash
"Trash", by Andy Mulliagn, is an amazing book that is very well written and hard to put down. It is aboput three dumpsite boys, Raphael, Gardo and Rat (Jun-Jun), who uncover a mystery that could get them into lots of trouble. Raphael, Gardo and Rat live on a dumpsite in Behala sifting through that City's rubbish and selling any reusable items for money for their families. When they discover a bag that is of great importance to the police, they find themselves on the run from the police who are eager to get answers one way or another. What will happen to these three dumpsite boys on their journey you can only read to find out. We really like this book because it was an enjoyable read and even though it is not the kind of book that we would normally read but we found it very gripping. By Thea and Elize.
Posted on: 25 May 2012

Trash is about 3 dumpsite boys, united by a mission. Rat, Gardo and Raphael live on Behela dumpsite. They sort the city's rubbish, selling items to be re-used. But one day, things get dangerous when Raphael finds a leather bag... Raphael and Gardo find themselves in a sticky situation when the police start interrogating everyone about the bags whereabouts. The 3 boys find themselves being beaten by police and on the run. Can they find the key to the mystery and flee from the angry police? I like this book, because its story runs smoothly. The end of the story ties everything together nicely. Andy Mulligan has a unique writing style, which compliments the characters. However, some sentences were confusing, and needed to be re-read several times. I feel more of the action should have occured earlier on, as the story at the beginning felt a little bare. Finally, the story came from a different characters point of view, on nearly every chapter, this caused confusion. I think Trash should win the Carnegie award, as it is unique and has quite a good storyline. By Emily
Posted on: 14 May 2012

My review on My Sister Lives on the Mantel Piece by Annabel Pitcher
My sister lives on the mantelpiece is a very good, well written book about a boy whose's sister died, however he doesn't remember her. Ten year old Jamie hasn't cried since it happened. He knows he should have- Jasmine cried, mum cried, dad still cries. Roger didn't but then he is just a cat and didn't know Rose that well really. Everyone kept saying it would get better with time but that's just one of those lies that grown ups tell in awkward situations. Five years on, it's worse than ever, dad drinks, mum's gone and Jamie's left with questions that he must answer for himself. This is his story, an unflinchingly real yet heart-warming account of a young boy's struggles to make sense of the loss that tore his family apart. I would definitely recommend this book. By Elize
Posted on: 14 May 2012

Posted on: 14 May 2012

Posted on: 11 May 2012

Posted on: 11 May 2012

My Review on
Trash is an amazing book that grew on me as I read on. I first thought it would be one of those books that explains so much and doesn’t really do much for me as it barely has a plot, but when I read it my thoughts completely changed. It starts off in the town of Behala which is a rubbish dump, the people there live to pick up garbage that they can use or sell. The main characters are three friends, Jun Jun a.k.a Rat, Gardo and Raphael that are three of the many kids that pick up trash for a living. One day though they find a bag full of money and some valuables that belonged to the person that once owned it. As lucky as they are many bad things come from finding this, first the police turn up because this bag has something to do with a case, not giving it up they go deeper into trouble. Not long after they are running for their lives whilst following the trail that this bag led them on. I love this book because of the way it is set out, when the people talk it didn’t sound like it was the writer it sounded like it was truly them because I could feel all they had been through as it was filled with emotion. This book has everything in it, mystery, code cracking and I even found myself crying at one point and I think this book would be suitable to anyone as it is a joy to read and strongly recommend it. By Helen Constantine
Posted on: 11 May 2012