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Now its half-term and the Morning Side Stars they have decided that they'll finish their books. What's happening now is that we are going to swoop our books and start reading our second books!
Posted on: 02 Jun 2012

The next blog!
30th May 2012 By Melissa 6M Today's subject was about developing our ability in comunicating and dicussing about, what we think about the books we are reading at the moment. I think we should have the discussions because, its a good way to bond with other children that you may not really get along with; also its a great way of sharing opinions. This was also a great time to start thinking of the next book you would like after half-term. I thought that the class did really well, and how they shared what they think of the school. Although at when they were discussing they were talking about they shouldnt really be talking about but when it came to asking questions the explination was really well and their answers. I think they could do better by talking about there opinions when the teacher gave them time to discuss. Uyi in my class (6M) said the book: A Monster Calls is very emotional also that the book has a good cover and blurb indeed. Georgia also in my class told us about the story: My Sister Lives On The Mantlepiece and it really made me think of the story!
Posted on: 30 May 2012

Mr Martin's Literacy group pick their texts!
On this bright sunny tuesday morning, the reading enthusiasts came together to choose their first shadowing book! Full of excitement, we are reading THE MONSTER CALLS,MY NAME IS MINA, THE MIDNIGHT ZOO, MY SISTER LIVE IN A MANTLEPIECE and A SMALL CHANGE FOR STUART. Me and Uyi are reading THE MONSTER CALLS it is a really good book. Soon we are going to city academy to see who could at there doing with their reading club. MY NAME IS MINA won the front cover vote,but I don't agree. There should never have a white background on a book.
Posted on: 25 May 2012