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The stories were split into 7 parts it was confusing but i liked the book overall. The seven chapters are... Midsummer sun, The archaeologist, The airman, The painter, The unquite grave, The Vapire, Midwinterblood and My spirit is crying for leaving.
Posted on: 14 Jun 2013

A Greyhound of a Girl
At the moment our group are reading 'A Greyhound of a Girl' This book is about a girl called Mary who is at first sad because her best friend, Ava, moves away. But after that she meets someone new, a young woman named Tansey, but she isn't young. She starts to find out lots more about her ancestors than ever and she is suprised about what she finds out too. This is a really good book to read though it was slightly confusing at first as there was alot of characters.
Posted on: 22 May 2013