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Wonder (the best book ever)
I am nearly in the middle of the book and I can't get my fingers off it. this book I thought it was going to be boring; but instead it keeps the reader hooked in all the way through the story. Wonder is a brilliant book about a ten year old boy that has had 27 surgeries and goes to school for the first time. No book I have ever read is as good as this one. to be honest I don't think any books are as good as wonder. Anyway must get back to the book. I WONDER what will happen next. Adam in hawks
Posted on: 20 Apr 2013

A boy and a bear in a boat.
The book is intresting,and has a very good sense of humour the title atrracts you to the book if i was the juge i would choose this book.
Posted on: 19 Apr 2013

maggot moon
This book has sware words in it and i wouldnt recommend this book to primary. Also it is a very disturbing read. from matthew in hawks.
Posted on: 19 Apr 2013

just Ducks
Our class think its a brilliant book because of the superb painted pictures also we liked the ducks because they were noisy. It was a very good book and we recomend this to young children in nursurys so they can learn about ducks. Also it was a very good idea of a book. Jack and Nicholas
Posted on: 16 Apr 2013

pirates and pistols
Our teacher has just shared this book with us. It was very good but a bit spooky. Some of the pictures are black and white, but there are some coloured ones too. The pictures were a bit spooky as well. We are enjoying it, but Again is still our favourite!! Lottie and Dylan
Posted on: 20 Mar 2013

We can't wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
We know the short list for the Kate Greenaway medal is announced tomorrow and we can't wait to get our hands on the books and let you know what we think!
Posted on: 11 Mar 2013