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Desborough College
Maidenhead, Berkshire

First Meeting
A fabulous meeting with losts of biscuits consumed and books borrowed for Easter. Looking forward to discussions next term.
Posted on: 10 May 2016

Voting time
We had our vote for our favourite today, a week before the official announcement. It was close between Tinder and Apple and Rain, but in the end Sarah Crossan won. I am pleased as I often get this reaction to her books from boys. Her books always have an element of poetry in them and are about identity and families. Traditionally you may not expect these themes to appeal to boys, particularly with female characters but in my experience they have really enjoyed the emotions of her stories and make a change from the action fast paced books they would normally choose. This shows how useful shadowing the Carnegie is. Providing the students with a list of recomended books to read and discuss takes them out of their comfort zone and opens up new worlds that they find they actually love. All my students have had a ball reading these books, and all are asking to do it again next year. They are even producing an assembly on it. We look forward to seeing if the Carnegie judges agree with our vote.
Posted on: 15 Jun 2015

Unfortunately we missed a Carnegie meeting due to the bank holiday, but this gave us more time to read and add to the pile of read books. Most of us have read three to four of the books already and are looking forward to the next couple to see which the best one is. We have stayed on track and are reading each book on a weekly basis. And personally i am ecstatic to find out the winner!! Nicholas
Posted on: 07 May 2015

Second meeting, end of term!
We had our second meeting earlier this week and it also happened to be the last one this term. I would say we definitely ended with a bang with most of us having finished our books and given a review on them. We all spoke about the books, recommended them and then posted our reviews online. Looking forward to my next book!
Posted on: 02 Apr 2015

Carnegie 2015, First Meeting!
The group which will be reading the Carnegie shortlist this year met to collect their first books yesterday, after a short talk explaining to the newbies on what this is exactly, as the group this year is mostly new people, excluding Tim, Daire, and myself. Next the books were handed out for everyone to look at, and our librarian answered any questions about any of the books. We received our Carnegie shadowing booklets, and then checked out the books out for reading,overall it seems everyone was very excited to read the books, and i myself am looking forward to being the first to finish them all! -Zachary
Posted on: 24 Mar 2015

Exam time at school
The boys at Desborough College are studying hard for exams but our group of Year 9's are steadily working their way through our Carnegie selection in their spare time. Some books have had mixed reviews, which has generated interesting discussions. I am pleased that they have been excited by books they may not have normally chosen to read. For example the Weight of Water with its lyrical, poetic style. We have a little way to go before we can vote for our winner!! Librarian
Posted on: 13 May 2013