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Commonweal School

Quick notice
Hi Guys, just a quick notice, I have decided to do a blog every two weeks so I have more to write about and it will be more interesting ( and Better!) for everyone. See you on Tuesday.. Bekah 😃U_U
Posted on: 19 May 2014

Books, Doritos and Commonweal Matters
Hello Fellow Bookclubbers! In the week's blog we have about Dorito's book opinion's and about the school mag/newspaper, The Commonweal Matters.This week we all talked about our books and which one's we like and which one's we didn't. There was mixed opinion's on All The Truth That's In Me, Liar And Spy, Rooftoppers and Ghost Hawk. There was also a BIG thumbs up to Blood Family and The Child's Elephant but there were Thumbs down to The Wall. All the others are a bit com si com sa. Alli has started to wright a column in Commonweal Matters about our wonderfull club and we ate Dorito's and Emma's Country Cakes. Bekah:-)
Posted on: 12 May 2014

new members,eating and gossiping!
Hello my name's Bekah and i'm one of the new members of the Commonewal Bookclub. This week we talked about our books and ate lots of cake and crisps. We enjoyed all of the books but some had a mixed rating. The Child's Elephant started off really boring and happy and wasn't really getting anywhere but alll of a sudden it goes from happy and like nothing would happen then BHAM!!! It seems to be a different story but it's not the story has taken off, gone off with NASA, it becomes amazing. Its very much the same with The Truth That's in Me, I have'nt read it yet but the people who have, all reccommend it. In my opinion The Wall is a bit boring and doesn't really go anywhere so i wouldn't reccommend it. see you next week book fanatics, Bekah:-)
Posted on: 24 Apr 2014