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Bloggin' Again
So I've decided to write another blog entry, we'll see how this goes. One question, who exactly reads these?// We've met up again, and were actually able to get some reviews (other than mine and Mr Curtis's) done. Of course, I'm the Star (I'm awesome), but I've seen some pretty great reviews so far.// It's been 'dramatic' (if you can use that word in regards to a book club), with Nina insisting that 'Wonder' is nothing more then yet another teen-fiction, whilst most of who have read it disagree. I myself think it's really well written, poetic and tragic in all the right places, and overall great (you can read more in my review). In terms of books, I started reading 'Midwinterblood' but after a bunch of chapters decided it was too hard to bother - so I've (temporarily) given it up for 'Maggot Moon', which is the absolute opposite of 'mwb', gripping and effortless to read. // Code Name: Verity, in my opinion, is the one for me. Anis was right in saying it was a serious contender, nothing has yet to beat that beauty. // -Laila
Posted on: 02 May 2013

The First Blog!
So this is what I and some others (I hope) will be doing on a relatively frequent basis. I suppose I'm here to give some insight into our wonderful lives surrounding the books we read, or in fact the wonderful books which surround the lives we live. Whichever takes your fancy. So let's get started. This is a pretty big leap for a simple person like me, but I'll try my best to give a good 'insider-view' of the things going on around here. Last week on Thursday, we looked at some short-listed books "for the Carnegie" (we say that a lot). With the books all set wonderfully on the tables, we started by poking around and doing the traditional flip-and-check-the-blurb routine. I happened to pick up Code Name: Verity, which I'm starting to think is a pretty serious contender. It's like the offspring of a diary and a story, mixed together in the most beautiful blend I've ever tasted. I've had the pleasure so far of 'tasting' this book every morning and afternoon on my daily rides on the Tube (you're doing practically nothing important; might as well read a good book). Verity's technically been my therapy through the claustrophobia of going through the Central Line during early Rush Hour, and I guess I've now developed quite a special relationship with it. But, it will still be a while until I can proudly say that I've had the honour of finishing Verity. I wonder if that means eating? Anis
Posted on: 26 Mar 2013