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For some reason the blog does not accept paragraphs, so we apologize in advance for any confusion in reading our stories.
Posted on: 16 May 2013

My Story-Emma
“This is Control Tower to Lucky Bird, do you read?” “This is Lucky Bird to Control Tower, reading you loud and clear Donny.” “You’re flying early, forget we had school today?” “Yeah, yeah. Coming into land now, Lucky Bird out.” “Roger that, over and out.” Donny grabbed my hand and helped me out of the plane. The Lucky Bird was a small green monoplane, and my pride. “Now, if school installed a runway, I’d be more willing to go!” “Well, Dad said you could go without breakfast since you and the Bird were up early, but…” He produced two slices of toast, “I am your favourite cousin.” “Yes, out of a list of one!” The runway was quiet, the propeller still. I’d woken early, about six. Due to the mountain that shadowed our town, the mornings were terrible for light. Don’t worry, the Bird has headlights. So school started at ten, and ended at four. Four blissful hours of flying. “Ready to go Nikki?” I pulled my school bag out of the plane and ran to catch up, “If you are.” Jonah’s truck is pretty much a hunk of junk. Tailpipe bangs every time he brakes, no air conditioner and the radio is permanently set to the sports. That last part, I don’t mind as much. Jonah’s my uncle, but when I turned up on his doorstep with an awkward guy in a suit, turned into a whole lot more. Father, friend, confidante, and co-pilot. He taught me how to fly and mend the planes, which, since we own the airfield, come in handy since everyone in Charleston bring theirs to us to look after. Small town, a lot of planes. “Looking forward to your field trip, kids?” “Yeah, the aircraft museum. Chance to see our babies’ parents. Nikki?” I smiled, and patted my scrapbook. My whole life was in there. Photos of me, Donny, Jonah doing all sorts. My birth certificate and picture of my parents. “Maybe the Bird will be in there.” Jonah suggested. “Dad! Look out!” Jonah braked sharply, causing the back of the truck to explode. “What was that?” “Nikki, get out and have a look. God, I hope I didn’t hit it...” I hopped out of the truck and checked underneath. A little quivering shadow was visible. “Nikki?” “I think it’s a cat!” I rolled under to get a better look. The kitten mewed pitifully, sniffing me. “Definitely a kitten.” I called up.
Posted on: 16 May 2013

Our Prediction
Based on the front covers and the blurbs we have ranked the books in the following order: 1) Midwinterblood 2) Code Name Verity 3) The Weight of Water 4) Maggot Moon 5) A Greyhound of a Girl 6) Wonder 7) The Boy and the bear in a Boat 8) In Darkness We'll revisit our predictions at the end...
Posted on: 21 Mar 2013

Threads - Sophia Bennett
I have started to read Threads by Sophia Bennett. I havent read much of it yet because i only got it out of the learn centre yesterday. The plot so far is of 3 friends, a young refugee girl and a photographer brother. The 3 friends are Jenny, an actor starring in a movie with hollywoods hottest couple and teen heartthrob, Edie, a super smart girl with BIG plans, and Nonie a girl with a retired supermodel as a mum and a photography student as a brother (Nonie tells the story). The "young refugee" is nicknamed Crow but is called Elizabeth by her mum. Crow is a dyslexic girl that sketches and makes unique clothes with whatever scraps of materials she can afford. from what i have read so far i would recommend this book to anyone that likes girly books full of fashion and, well, girly stuff!
Posted on: 14 Mar 2013

i promised and extract from my book so here it is :p
Once upon a time, they are they words of a story with a happy ending, they are the words that you start a story to put your kid to bed, or read aloud at story Time. Well maybe just maybe the story that I’m about to share isn’t happy, maybe It has an unhappy ending it starts off in the small town of Holmsbourgh. Holmsbourgh Is a quiet town population 105 and it is going down fast and when I say fast I mean racetrack Fast. It used to be one of the most popular places to go, then the rumours went around saying All the locals were vampires and werewolves, there was even a rumour going around saying All of us were lepricorns on stilts, lepricorns are not real a midget is as close to a lepricorn I’ve ever been, and to be called one is so insulting, but vamps and werewolves there real and I know That because well you will just have to read on and find out. On a cold plain winters day Isabel my sister leapt on my bed "Wake up it is our birthday rosabell get up get up “she screamed so loud I wasn’t tired anymore ,so I got Up slipped my feet into my furry black slippers and shuffled my feet downstairs and into the living Room to my surprise the whole place way decorated with balloons and a banner streaming across The room it read 'happy 8th birthday Isabel and rosabell' ,but what really caught my eye was dads Forbidden book and why he didn’t let us touch it ,but I had a feeling I was going to find out sooner or later ,But till then I followed the rules and carried on my day, at 4:30 pm all mine and Isabel’s friends had Arrived for are party. I was talking to my friend Anoka when a girl with a deep crimson red scar slashed across Her face walk in and over to the CD player ,and changed the music, she put on some weird tune that made Everyone start dancing immediately, they looked like trees swaying in the wind I kept thinking to my self who Was the mysterious girl and how did that tune make everyone dance like weirdoes ,it was like a Hypnotic tune that controls minds but what was even weirder was that me nor my sister were affected by the tune We didn’t dance at all we both agreed to go over to the CD player and Play something with a beat or something that at least sounded normal. But as soon as the music stopped everyone went about to what they were doing before as if they don’t remember dancing like a bunch of reams. Then I saw the girl storm over to me I noticed that her eyes changed from a dark brown to a mustard yellow "That was creepy" I said leaning over and saying to Isabel "What was” she replied “that weird girls eye colour changed""I was dancing to that and so was everyone else what gives you the right to change it” she yelled “The fact that this is are party and that song was lame" I replied to her she looked at Isabel “Was the song lame pipsqueak huh was it” she said in a threatening tone "Nnnnnnooooooo" I was always the fearless one out of us so I decided to put her straight and Slapped her she fell to the floor crying “Don’t call my sister names or treat her that way got it or I will tare you limb from limb”by this time my mum grabbed my arms Because I was going to jump on her and mess up her face a little but my parents had other plans "Leave now Dracor you are on alpha territory"belowed father "And if I don’t redimous“ she replied "Then I will send you back in a body bag now go” the girl snarled and vanished only There was a black blur leading out the door what was father on about what was a dracor and what was the alpha territory and who was redimous. After the party father called me and Isabel into his study ,he was sat in his comfy leather chair mum was Stood next to him with one arm one his shoulder “I was hoping to have to show you this at a later date but today’s event made me reconsider ,girls you Come from a strong line of leaders and Prophecy says that two identically females will be born of royal blood need to be blood bound to for fill their destiny ,And destroy all dracor" he started "What is a dracor" asked Isabel in her small shy voice that wobbled as she spoke."A dracor honey is basically a vampire you know like the ones rosabell reads about in those unreal comics ,only a real alpha Would know that garlic is the only thing a vampire can consume besides blood" spoke mum in her gently sweet caring voice."Okay so what is and alpha "I commented "An alpha is a member of the wolf royal family the name for us all together is lupus we only feeds on animal blood never human blood the ones who do feed of human blood Are the pets to the dracor they are called sanguis perussi which means the blood consumers “ rambled dad “So the rumours are true and me and Isabel are werewolves and can change when we want” I said with an extreme amount of giddiness in my voice “Yes but don’t go getting any idea rose “spoke dad in his concerned voice just then a hideous beast with long Thin grey-blue wings and blood dipping Fangs crashed through the stain glass window breaking the wooden antique frame along with it "I want the bitch that slapped my daughter and anyone who gets in my way I will rip out there eye shove Them down there throat so they can see me tare there insides out” spoke the beast in a deep rugged evil voice. Just then my dad with no hesitation leapt in the air transforming into an elegant grey wolf his fur bounced as he hit he hard veneer floor
Posted on: 14 Mar 2013

Hi i'm Tamara i'm 13 and i love reading i'm in the middle of reading Hunger Games, Catching Fire i love the first one and i really want to read skullduggery pleasant thanks to Emma!!!
Posted on: 14 Mar 2013

A recommended read
'The weight of water' is set in Coventry. It's a great story, told through poetry, about a teenage girl who arrives in Coventry from Poland in search of her father. It's a realistic portrayal of the difficulties of teen and school life. It's in the learn centre so check it out! Mrs Cross :-)
Posted on: 09 Mar 2013

The Book Thief
The book I'm reading at the minute is called The Book Thief, about a young girl in WW2 who desperatly wants to read and goes as far to steal books to satisfy her needs. A definite reccommend. Emma
Posted on: 03 Mar 2013

my story im writing
recently ive decided to write a book and next week i will blog a section from it if ur lucky. :p p.s the touge face is my signature
Posted on: 01 Mar 2013

what i would like to do in the book club
i would like to read a boout that a film has been based on and then write a reveiw about it and about what parts they have changed and how that makes us feel.:p
Posted on: 01 Mar 2013

Hi I'm Grace, I'm year nine and 1/6 of GAC books and biscuits! We are just starting out the club and seeing how it goes, I want to be able to write reviews for books that I have read and recommend them for others xxx I like cooking and plan to make fudge and cake!
Posted on: 28 Feb 2013

thomas !!!!!! :]
I love reading and realexing at home whilest eating lots of sweets !!!!! :}
Posted on: 28 Feb 2013

Jay-Introductions to misanthropy.
I'm Jay and here are some facts for those of you that seem to feel so obliged to read my oh so humble post. These facts are as follows: Religion: I hate all organised religion. Belief: Anarchist/ Nihilist Favourite Animal: Raccoons Favourite Pokemon: Bidoof Favourite author(s): John Green, George RR Martin. Least favourite citrus fruit: lemon
Posted on: 28 Feb 2013

books & biscuits
jasmine my favourite book series is the vampire academy series write by richelle mead an amazing author my favourite type of biscuit is malted milk biscuit :P
Posted on: 28 Feb 2013

What I want from this group
As an avid (and budding) writer, I would like to be able to create my own characters and be able to slot them into books we read. The books I am reading currently is the Skulduggery Pleasant series, they are my favourite, (watch this space, my favourite changes way too often!) My favourite biscuits are shortbread.
Posted on: 28 Feb 2013