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Meeting 4-31st May 2013
We think book group is really fun. We have really enjoyed reading the Carnigie books but we have found one or two quite boring. The two are Maggot Moon and Midwinterblood which didn't appeal to us and where two books some of us didn't finish for such reason. The boy and a bear in a boat was a good read but we still can't give a final decision on which book should win. Keep reading! ;)
Posted on: 31 May 2013

CCB Book Group -Meeting 2- {FRI 3RD MAY}
Today was our 2nd meeting of the Campbell College Book Group. We discussed the Clip Carnegie Shortlist. So far we have started to read Code Name Verity (Mixed Opinions so far), Maggot Moon (Slow Burner?), A Boy and a Bear in a Boat (Seems Popular) and In Darkness (Definitely for Older Readers, Difficult Subject Matter). We will meet again in two weeks to update and develop our opinions!
Posted on: 03 May 2013

CCB Book Group -Meeting 1- {26TH APRIL}
We held our first Carnegie Award meeting after school on the 19th April. We looked at how to write reviews on our webpage, and decided to write our first blog post! We are looking forward to reading the books on the shortlist over the next eight weeks!
Posted on: 19 Apr 2013