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GreyHound of a Girl By Mashil
GREYHOUND OF A GIRL: from my point is not really interesting book because the plot of a story is a confusing so I really don’t understand some parts of it. The characters are ok but they don’t really make sense to me. Also there isn’t much of an adventure as it said in the blurb so that’s why I dot really this book and it is not my favourite.
Posted on: 03 May 2013

In Darkness Review By Blin
I thought In Darkness is a really good and captivating book as it shows a lot of emotions and shows a lot of truth of Haiti and how the revolution changed every ones lives. The book is about a boy who is trapped under the rubble and he is telling his story of how he got there, how he lost his sister and how he got a bullet in his arm. I love the book as it shows how he is sad and really wants forgiveness and how he is trying to get his sister back. I recommend this book for someone who has a strong heart and is a believer of the dark voodoo magic of Haiti. Blin VE6
Posted on: 03 May 2013

My review of Wonder by Mashil
I think the book Wonder is good because it has lots of details and great language the characters are really realistic and have a good sense of humour- one that a child of that age would possess- also my favourite character is a young boy called August because he goes through lots of challenge. I would recommend this book to children 13 and under so that's I really like this book. Mashil VE2
Posted on: 26 Apr 2013

Maggot Moon Review By Blin
I have very much enjoyed Maggot Moon as it is a captivating and exciting book. It is a book about a young boy called Standish on a mission to spread the truth about the motherland as they attempt to send a man to the moon. Hector, Standish’s friend, keeps a dark secret to himself and he’s gone missing so now Standish must find him. The plot of the story is brilliant as it brings a whole new meaning to friendship as they are together till the end. Standish is a powerful character and he shows true bravery when he loses his parents and that’s a reason why he is my favourite character. He is considered stupid but he has a lot up his sleeve and a wild imagination. Blin VE6
Posted on: 26 Apr 2013