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St Dominic's Library Club
Woodley, Berkshire

Sozzy i am late!
sup guys. Sweetie here. Sorry its late tonight's blog is about us here at St Doms we want to know what you think about our blogs. Are they related to the books or do you want us to change them. Shall we stop doing them every day up to you . We want your opinion so please say. cio Love st doms
Posted on: 15 May 2013

Please reply
Hey Peepz here!! I want to know what all of you think please tell us Love st Doms xx
Posted on: 14 May 2013

Dick king smith report
Dick king smith is a very good author you should all read his books!!!!!! By Peepz Love St Doms
Posted on: 14 May 2013

New Member
Hi its sweetie Please welcome the new Member of St Doms group. Moo Moo. she is super cool and will have new blogs every day for u. Give her a nice warm welcome.cio Love St doms
Posted on: 14 May 2013

Names of us (soz about spelling)
There is peggy me Sweetie Peepz Hazard I like the writer Francesca simson AKA the writter of Horrid Henry. I like how the words in the book, when someone talks, change colour. I also like all of the nick names so moddy margaret, sour sousan. At school we did a progect on Roald Dahl I really like the wiches. I also like jiggy mucue its about a boy who hates his life and bad things keep happing. There is a whole load of books out there that are jiggy mucue. My fave so far is Toilet of doom. I really recomend snoopy there are 1000s of them. Its about a dog named snoopy and his life is all about food, he eats anything. Snoopy books are quite old but they are kind of comocy. Love St Doms
Posted on: 14 May 2013

My Favourite book
Hi its sweetie. I am going to be talking about my favourite book by David Walliams. Sadly my schools Category is for younger children for the award so I thought I could review about another book. the book is s called Gangster Granny and you should ALL check it out. A boy called ben hates his Granny and his Granny overhears him saying he hates weekends with her. She makes up a crazy story and the two of them almost get arrested. Good thing to look at! I will submit this blog and hopefully Peggy will be writing a blog about there fave author and book but before I go my favourite illustrator is Quentin Blake who illustrates David's books and also illustrated Roald Dahl who is amazing too. As I said Peggy will blog and she just has. cio from sweetie Love St Doms
Posted on: 14 May 2013

Fave book of peggy
My fave book is nancy drew althought there are like no drawings. my fave illustrater is Tony Ross :) ;0 Love ST dom
Posted on: 14 May 2013

we are privilaged to be taking part in the greenway awards THANKS!
Posted on: 14 May 2013

there will be more blog posts tonight Love st doms
Posted on: 14 May 2013

I really love black dog. the pics are great Love st dom
Posted on: 14 May 2013

Posted on: 14 May 2013

oh no George
oh on George is not a good book the colours were dull and ther were boring pictures.
Posted on: 14 May 2013

Hey soul sister wheres that mister mister!! SOZZY IM RANDOM!!! I loved ALL booksXXXX Love St Doms xx
Posted on: 14 May 2013

Well look at over blogs and talk about lots of books. Love St.doms
Posted on: 14 May 2013

Scary pirates
Pirates 'n' Pistols was well scary, the pictures creeped out the whole group (well but 1)!!!!!!! Do you think its scary ?? :) :) :) :p Love St DOM <3
Posted on: 14 May 2013

All books
I like alot of the books but sadly i didn't enjoy Oh no George. My favourite book was Lunchtime it was sick i would love to own it!!! :P XD Love St Domsxx
Posted on: 14 May 2013

The book we don't like the most
Oh no george is not so good, we really did not like it.. The words didn't follow the pictures! Tell us what you think St doms lots more blogs coming!!!! :) Love St Doms xx
Posted on: 14 May 2013

Greenaway Medal 2013
Our school is honoured to be part of the competition and to vote for it. Our favourite book is lunchtime at the moment . We all enjoyed this book. The pictures were amazing and they told the story perfectly. More blog posts soon. Love St Doms
Posted on: 14 May 2013