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Hey, guess what. BOOKS.
I read a book. How clever am I??? Very. The others read books too. I read Wonder. It was good. It was spiffingly splendiforous moff moff.
Posted on: 24 Apr 2013

A bit late getting a blog on
So .......... here I am three books into my monster readathon and only just logging in to blog. Who has time for great big type when there's a great big read to be had anyway? I've been enjoying the thought that all this 'reading for pleasure' I've been doing is actually work so there's nothing to be guilty about when I take to the sofa with tea, a slanket and Midwinterblood. The group will be meeting again today at tutor time and I've remembered to bring in the hot chocolate this time (I'm sure they'll all expect me to forget again). yayyy hot chocolate!!!
Posted on: 24 Apr 2013