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Shortlist Update
As a group we have almost read the entire shortlist and there is one title that is starting to edge into the lead... It has become clear that there are a couple books in top position in our eyes. Has anybody else found their favourites??
Posted on: 11 Jun 2014

Our Reading So Far!!!
We have just gone around and so far we have read quite a lot of books. The most popular ones seem to be "A Boy and a Bear in a Boat", "The Weight of Water" and "Wonder". These are all quite different books, e.g. the weight of water is a poem book but each poem also makes up the narrative. "Maggot Moon" has been a book that some people have loved whilst other have not liked it and not wanted to finish reading it.
Posted on: 11 Mar 2014

New Books
We are still waiting for the long list books to arrive! We are all eager to read them. The Bookworms are going to set up a display in our library so that people can see what we are reading and doing!!! We have written reviews on the books that we have read, good and bad, all of which are on our homepage. Happy Reading :)
Posted on: 04 Mar 2014

We recently have had new members including Kyle, Courtney, Joanna, Megan and Jonny Some of the members in Bookworms are on their 3rd or 4th book; although, some people take forever to read their books. Stay tuned with new updates From Bookworms
Posted on: 17 Dec 2013

Our First Meeting
Today we had our first meeting, we all chose our books and had our photos taken. We then decided to update our blog! More people turned up this time which is great, the other groups have some competition!!! From the Bookworms :)
Posted on: 24 Sep 2013