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One Year 8 is devouring good reads...
Here's one review: MAGGOT MOON Maggot Moon is an exhilarating book that keeps the reader interested from start to finish. This sci-fi is about a young boy called Standish Treadwell. He has suffered much loss in his life due to a devastating war that has torn away everything. He lives with his liberal minded grandfather who has not fallen under the fascist government reign, even though this government now control practically everything and everyone else. His life is changed when a family (The Lushes) arrive and finally Stanley fells like he has a place a home, he has a friend, a brother - a family. However, his luck doesn’t last and everything drastically changes when one day when Hector goes over the wall. Will Standish risk everyone he loves in order to reveal the truth? How long can happiness last? This sci-fi with hints of dystopia will leave its readers wondering?... Edil Yusuf Year 8
Posted on: 02 Oct 2013

good reviews travel fast
One of last year's participants recommended "My sister lives on the mantlepiece" to Masuma Begum 10R. Her review is as follows: "My sister" is a well written tear jerking book that had me hooked from the first page. It's about a 10 year old boy, James, who is telling the reader his life story. It's far from normal - his sister is a pink haired emo, his mother has left, and his dad??? Don't get started on his narrow minded father who has the philosophy that all Muslims are terrorists!! This book snuck up on me even though I hadn't expected it to. Personally I didn't think I'd enjoy being in the mind of a ten year old boy. None the less, I fell in love with it. I even learned some pretty good life lessons. Such as the danger of stereotyping. You experience what can go wrong as James's horror story unravels. I recommend the book for older teenage readers as at times you will need your maturity to play a part. some issues need to be handled with respect. Issues like bullying, stereotyping and racism. My sister lives on the mantelpiece deserves 5 stars as the issues it contains all readers can relate to. Truly amazing? MASUMA BEGUM 10R
Posted on: 11 Sep 2013