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Discussing 'The Middle Of Nowhere'
We decided to discuss The Middle Of Nowhere' and as this was one of the books that intrigued us the most. In The Middle Of Nowhere, we came to a conclusion that the story itself is quite depressing in the concept and actual story of the book, although agreeing that it had a nice ending so throughout this book we have traveled on an emotional roller-coaster. We find that in the first chapter the role of the piano, which was meant to be a lovely gift, turned out to be a sort of 'bad omen' or 'a bad memento' as it is involved in many distraught coincidences that set up a negative vibe from the very beginning, which put many people off. We also remarked that if they never gotten the piano in the first place it would have prevented many catastrophic and sometimes gory moments. The fact that the main character, Comity, lives in such a remote area it shows that she must be a very lonely child - she can't even ring people on the telephone as the phone lines would not travel that far of a distance and also how this book (we think) was set in the 1900's so all she really has is her family.There is a distinct dictionary at the very beginning before the book even starts to show you what the words used in the story mean. One member, Shaely, commented that she thinks; "there is no point to the dictionary, it was only to make the author look smart. And also makes you feels dumb if you have to go back and find out a word which is also inconvenient". The group thinks that this book would be suitable for Year 7's and on-wards, mostly because of the confusing words.
Posted on: 14 May 2015

Next meeting
We will be meeting next Thursday to discuss 'The fastest boy in the world' and 'The middle of nowhere'
Posted on: 08 May 2015