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Easter Carnegie Reading
On Thursday Miss Skelding distributed the books out to each student to read over Easter. The two weeks are a lovely chance to relax and eat chocolate but also to immerse yourself in some wonderful new stories. Miss Skelding and Miss Lunn have decided to read the age 14+ books to see how suitable they are. Miss Skelding and Miss Lunn love reading children's books as we believe that we are the key to recommending stories to children. Much of the time a really good book will hit the spot with children and adults alike (like panto!). We didn't get chance for a group meeting so the image will change soon BUT in the meantime can everyone send their reviews so they can go on this site! Have a great break and look out for the reviews posted on here.
Posted on: 29 Mar 2015

Easter Holidays
Ms Pearse and I were really pleased to see that all three of our book boxes were out on loan. These two weeks, while insufficiently long for teachers, are a splendid opportunity for students to get right into some of the trickier novels. After Easter our term is short and so what felt like a big yawn over most of April will whizz by and we will have to get up to speed with the rest of the books. Ms Pearse is currently winning the teacher battle- she has read over half while I have read only two. Hope to rectify that this weekend!
Posted on: 17 Apr 2014

Easter Meeting
We spent our last lunchtime meeting being busy as we read a few more pages of our books and shared the small notebooks. These are for the group members to record ideas they have as they read. After completing the whole challenge, we think we might struggle to remember the first book. We also got laminated bookmarks which we are using to keep our place. These have pictures of the books on and we will be hole-punching each book picture when it has been read. So far as a group we've managed to complete: The Wall, Blood Family, The Bunker Diary, Liar and Spy and Ghost Hawk. We eagerly distributed the library's copies too, as some of us would be likely to finish over Easter. The scheme is so popular this year that books have sold out- we wanted to order another box to come before we broke up and unfortunately we'll have to wait until we're back towards the end of April. Hopefully in the break some of the young readers will be uploading their thoughts on each book and these should trickle through over the next two weeks. I've moved onto The Bunker Diary- already excited to begin!! Miss Skelding
Posted on: 03 Apr 2014

Week one, the reading's begun!
After an initial meet in B2 on Weds, we distributed the books. Will astutely remarked that we shouldn't judge a book by its cover but how else are we to decide which one to choose?! We have a fantastic turnout of readers this year- 15 in total plus three staff and already furious discussion has begun. I myself have finished The Wall to return to the sharing pile- my next book will be The Bunker Diary. Ellen in year 11 is currently reading it and made it sound fantastic. I do love a bit of dystopia. We have already had two swappers and so the week leading up to Easter will be exciting as we try to finish our current books in time to select some for the holidays!! Miss Skelding
Posted on: 31 Mar 2014