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Ockbrook School

Booky Things meet the Carnegie shortlist!
Introducing 8 fabulous books. Eight! With just the publicity poster of the shortlisted titles on the table most of us present had identified a favourite within seconds. The one to read first. Unsurprisingly each choice was different...and how did we decide which one we'd like to read first? By the cover. We judged those books by their covers. In an instant. That's the importance of good cover art. What was it about the cover that made us choose? Would a different cover have altered our choice? As luck would have it there are different editions of most of the shortlisted titles so we could see whether our snap decisions would change. Some of them did. Some editions changed the feel of the book as the covers varied so wildly. Some made us assume a different genre entirely. Can you really judge a book by its cover?
Posted on: 24 Mar 2017